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The coating material on iPad display screen comes from kangpeng fluorine-containing coating

Apple Company of the United States launched a new generation of iPad tablet computer. In this new Apple product attracting worldwide attention, Taixing kangpeng Special Chemicals Co., Ltd. has contributed a lot, and the display coating material on iPad display screen comes from this company

this is a new fluorine-containing display coating material. "With this coating on the 'brush', the radiation of iPad display screen will be smaller and the resolution will be higher. The display speed has reached the level of 2 milliseconds, and 'fruit fans' can enjoy unprecedented' pleasure '." Wang Yunxiang, general manager of kangpeng company, said

Located in Taixing Economic Development Zone, kangpeng company specializes in the research, development and production of global high-end electronic chemicals. Its parent company, Shanghai kangpeng Chemical Co., Ltd., is a leading enterprise in the field of fluorine chemical industry in China

nowadays, on the surface of flat panel displays such as computers, TVs and so on, most of them are equipped with a glass protective screen, but the protective screen will also bring problems such as the decrease of light transmittance, glare and blur of the display. To solve these problems, the glass protective screen must be coated

since 2001, kangpeng company has carried out technical research, innovatively introduced fluorine chemical technology, and took the lead in developing fluorine-containing display coating materials in China. "Fluorine molecules are very sensitive to light. If this fluorine-containing coating is' brushed ', the display screen will be clearer and non reflective." Guwenzhong, production director of kangpeng company, introduced

guwenzhong said that at present, the display speed of flat panel displays on the market is mostly about 8 milliseconds. In order to speed up, kangpeng company invested 20million yuan to rebuild and expand the fluorine-containing workshop, and built a new product testing center that can show the surface defect level of wire rod in the first-class experimental process. Finally, the company broke through the technical difficulties and raised the display speed to 2 milliseconds, reaching the international leading level. Once the product came out, it was pursued by top global brands such as Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, etc

it is reported that in order to launch iPad, apple searched for different films worldwide in 2009. Due to the different impact resistant energy, it has been fruitless. That year, apple learned about Kang Peng from Japanese merchants and hoped to strengthen cooperation. When Kang Peng was about to ship the product to the United States, the 2-millisecond display speed surprised Apple technicians

in January 2010, the Apple iPad tablet computer "brushed" with kangpeng fluorine-containing coating was officially launched and sold well in the market. The sales volume this year is expected to reach 55 million units

"'brush ', in fact, is not painted like painting, but through the laser to make countless extremely fine holes on the glass protective screen, and then press this coating material under high pressure." If Gu Wenzhong doesn't respond, the biggest possibility is the connection of the power supply. He explained that because it is extremely fine, the coating material can't have a trace of impurities. After testing, the cleanliness of fluorine-containing coating materials of the company has taken the lead in the world to reach ppm level (one millionth)

at present, kangpeng company has developed more than 60 kinds of fluorine-containing display coating materials, which are widely used in the field of electrical appliance manufacturing, with more than 95% of exports. It has become the largest manufacturer of fluorine-containing display coating materials with good permeability in the world

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