The coal price remains at a high level during the

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The coal price stays at a high level in the summer to meet the peak. The power plant pays close attention to raising inventory

the temperature has been high in the past two months, and the coal price has also continued to be hot. With the rapid growth of electricity consumption and the approaching of "peak summer", raising inventory and pressing coal prices have become the "top priority" of many coal-fired power generation enterprises

coal prices have remained at a high level since May

data from China's coal market show that coal prices have continued to rise since May. On June 15, the CCPI China coal price index hit its highest level in nearly two years. The latest 5000 kcal Qinhuangdao thermal coal spot trading price is 605 yuan per ton. According to the statistics of China Electricity Council, the purchase transaction price of coastal power coal has reached 695 yuan per ton

in order to stabilize the market, the regulatory authorities have recently frequently convened meetings of relevant enterprises and departments to take multiple measures to regulate and control. However, the current coal price is still higher than the green price ceiling set by relevant departments

according to insiders, on the one hand, the continuous promotion of de capacity in recent years has led to the decline of coal production and the return of reasonable prices; Strict environmental protection policies have increased the intensity of limiting production in some coal producing areas, resulting in tight supply in some periods of time, and also increased the transportation cost of coal

on the other hand, coal consumption has increased rapidly, especially the high demand for power coal. From January to may, the national consumption of power coal increased by 12% year-on-year, far exceeding the previous market expectations, which is rare in the past 10 years. The tense supply-demand relationship and bullish sentiment have made coal prices firm

coal-fired power plants pay close attention to procurement and increase inventory

under the high coal price, the "coal power contradiction" which was slightly relieved a few months ago appears again

"in the first five months of this year, the benefits of coal power enterprises have improved compared with last year, but they are still deeply affected by coal prices." Xue Jing, deputy director of the Department of industry development and environmental resources of China electricity Union, said that coal-fired power has long been difficult to operate and even lost money, which is not conducive to the safe and stable supply of electricity, but also weakens the ability of clean development of coal-fired power

according to the survey and calculation of China electricity Union, the unit price of standard coal delivered by the five power generation groups in 2017 increased by 34% over the previous year, resulting in an increase of about 92billion yuan in the purchase cost of power coal; Due to the rising price of coal, the national coal and power industry has increased the procurement cost by about 200billion yuan, resulting in large-scale losses

in order to improve efficiency and reduce the pressure caused by coal price fluctuations, power plants have increased procurement efforts in recent two months, and some have specially set up fuel teams to focus on the coal market and strive for low-cost procurement share, so as to ensure sufficient inventory of power coal during high temperature in summer

the Leiyang Power Generation Company of Datang Huayin Power Co., Ltd., located in inland Hunan, has opened up a channel for transporting coal by water. Since April, the company has built the "fluorite hydrofluoric acid fine fluorochemical industry fluoropolymer" industrial chain three times, organized the centralized transportation of northern coal, sent special personnel to watch the port and wharf, followed the ship "escort" transportation along the way, and worked overtime to organize the unloading, with the maximum daily coal unloading volume of more than 4000 tons

it is unlikely that the coal price will rise sharply in the late stage of power supply abetting the light.

the industry believes that with the rising temperature and the approaching peak of power consumption, there will be greater pressure on coal supply in summer

it is noteworthy that the regulatory authorities are also strengthening their regulation. On the 26th, the national development and Reform Commission released the notice on ensuring the transportation of coal, electricity, oil and gas during the peak summer in 2018, which pointed out that the demand for electricity and coal during the peak summer this year has increased significantly, and there may be tight supply and demand in some regions and individual periods

for this reason, the notice requires that all coal producing areas should avoid centralized shutdown affecting the stable supply of coal. At the same time, we will deploy key coal producing areas such as Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia to accelerate the release of high-quality production capacity and increase effective resource supply; Encourage high-quality coal mines to continuously increase effective supply through capacity replacement, and provide medium and long-term contract resources of power coal as much as possible

according to insiders, affected by this, the pace of power plant coal procurement has slowed down in the past week, and some state-owned coal enterprises have also reduced the price of coal medium and long-term association

looking forward to the trend of coal price in the second half of the year, some industry insiders said that under the condition of sufficient subsequent supply transfer, more factories will be established in the future, and the coal market in the second half of the year will still show a trend of booming supply and demand. However, under the measures of relevant departments to ensure supply and stabilize prices, it is unlikely that coal prices will rise sharply in the later stage

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