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Weisheng battlefield autumn call three cities embedded system seminar is imminent

(Shanghai, China, October 8, 2005) the x86 architecture embedded system leader Weisheng electronic vepd business unit recently announced that it will hold the 2005 autumn embedded industry promotion seminar in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and three places from October 14 to 19, to conduct in-depth discussion on the wide application of its EPIA series embedded motherboards, CPUs, chipsets and other products

the theme of this embedded seminar is: "unlimited embedding, new application experience ". the purpose is to discuss with insiders the application prospects of embedded products in the three hot areas of POS, NC and IPC, as well as the development in the set-top box industry. At the same time, we will launch a new EPIA NL series motherboard.

at the meeting, we will show the latest application cases of the industry based on EPIA in the world; introduce the new achievements of via in EPIA, chipsets, CPU products and the secret weapon of EPIA software application - media SDK; at that time, the experts of via will And embedded system engineers will carry out targeted publicity on products, industry application cases, development prospects and other contents, so that product developers, purchasers and decision makers in POS, NC and IPC industries can systematically understand the advantages of using EPIA as a product development platform. In order to achieve a new climax of EPIA application in many industries

after the dial indicator is zeroed, this seminar will be held in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai on October 14 (Shenzhen), 17 (Beijing) and 19 (Shanghai) respectively

the relevant person in charge of Weisheng embedded platform business department said that at present, embedded technology has received considerable recognition in the world, and there is no doubt about its huge development potential. Strengthening closer and smooth cooperation with downstream manufacturers and working together with all parties to promote the application of embedded technology in a wider range are what Weisheng must undertake in the market when it says that hard foam materials can "further improve the insulation performance of refrigerators by 10%". This tour seminar is one of the important measures to push the market to another peak

based on the belief of common development in the embedded field, Weisheng's cultivation of embedded products has been strongly recognized by its partners. Many embedded product manufacturers, software suppliers and other partners who have good cooperation with via will participate in this tour seminar. Display many advanced applications of via product development, and publicize the product development trend of cooperation with via

I believe that through a series of in-depth industry discussions, we will show people more specific and complete applications of embedded platforms

the figure shows Huizhi's EPIA based thin client

about vepd (via embedded platform Division), which was established in October 2003, and was formed by the former Weisheng electronic platform division, central processing unit department, embedded R & D department and other institutions. In view of the increasing demand of the global IA and embedded market, it was established under the requirements of combining resources to provide customers with complete and fast services, In addition to the advanced technology leading the market and the product development strength mastering the market demand, vepd has complete resources of sales and service networks all over the world

via electronics is one of the few providers in the world who can provide complete solutions for chips, processors, mainboards and drivers required by IA and embedded system manufacturers. Through rapid technology integration, we can effectively shorten the time of product development for you, have the advantage of faster time to market, and via its own highly integrated EPIA Series platform, via which via electronics can bring more economic benefits to customers

about via electronics

the first trend of via Electronics Co., Ltd. as a fabless factory is the logic core chip, and the low-power x86 processing fixture is the market leader of these structured combiners, advanced network connections, multimedia, network and storage chips, and complete platform solutions, driving the system innovation in the PC and embedded markets. Weisheng Electronics' customer base covers all major OEM manufacturers, motherboard manufacturers and system integrators in the world. Its headquarters is located in Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan, and has branch sites in the United States, Europe and Chinese Mainland. Weisheng electronics is also a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (tse2388). For details of the company, welcome to w with the advent of new technologies such as Internet technology, 3D printing technology, gene testing technology and so on

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