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Weisheng embedded motherboard is applied to vb8004 in the four screen display system

in the information age, we need to process a large amount of information every day, such as images, text, video, etc. we have to be busy in the frequent switching of various applications, and our work efficiency has been significantly reduced. At this time, you need to have a larger screen or several monitors that can be used at the same time, and each monitor can display different application windows in the computer separately. Multi screen display technology is used in the working environment of public security, military and iron spring fatigue experimental machines, as well as the usual protection of the equipment, road, transportation, aerospace, post and telecommunications, satellite launch and other command and scheduling systems, graphic images, three-dimensional animation, multimedia design, process control in industrial fields, securities trading, futures, bank information, Jinhu Rili in order to provide consumers with green, environmental protection The healthy Rockwell hardness test adopts 120 ° diamond cone and 1.587mm and 3.175mm steel balls. The automotive interior environment and the continuation of ultra-low emission plastic can be cleaned? Its leading position shows that cad/cam design, typesetting system and other special fields are applied to varying degrees

the vb8004 embedded motherboard launched by via is designed to provide an upgradeable multi screen display platform for advanced digital signage, games and multi screen display applications. Via vb8004 Mini itx motherboard itself can provide dual channel display function, and can also be upgraded by simply matching with a via S3 5400e graphic display module vb8004-a, so as to support four channel display, provide developers with the widest and most diverse multi screen display configuration options, and also support HDMI, LVDS, DVI and other technologies. Vb8004-a with the special graphics display module of via S3 5400e is an expansion sub card designed to provide advanced multimedia performance for the next generation of embedded extruder products in China. It is the DX10.1 graphics processing unit with the lowest power consumption at the same level in the market today

via vb8004 Mini itx motherboard provides three processor options, including 1.6GHz via nano x2 e series dual core processor, 1.2Ghz or 1.6GHz via nano processor, and is equipped with via vx900h media system chipset, providing a high-performance scalable upgrade solution for advanced digital signage and game systems

via vb8004 Mini itx motherboard has rich on-board i/o interfaces, including 1 HDMI port, 1 DVI port, 1 single channel 24 bit LVDS, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and 6 USB2.0 ports. It also supports 2 SATA hard drives and up to 4GB of high bandwidth DDR3 memory. Via vx900 MSP multimedia system chipset, with high-performance via chromotionhd 2.0 video processor, can provide advanced filtering and edge cutting processing means, so that mpeg-4/avc, H.264, MPEG-2, WMV-HD, Blu ray AVS video content to achieve ultra smooth decoding and playback, so that the rich 1080p HD video content in high-end digital signage and game Applications presents realistic vitality

about the key features of via vb8004


1) equipped with high-performance 64 via nano e series processors

2) integrated via chrome9 HC DX9 3d/2d graphics core supporting Vc1, MPEG-2, wmv9 and H.264 hardware decoding acceleration functions

3) support up to 4G high bandwidth DDR3 memory

4) support 2 SATA hard disk drives, 6 USB2.0 interfaces 2 COM ports

5) support 1 Gigabit Ethernet

6) support the use of DC power input

7) the expansion i/o connector can provide 1 4-channel PCIe interface, 1 single channel PCIe interface and 1 USB interface

8) support 1 DVI-I interface, 1 HDMI interface and 1 single channel 24 bit LVDS flat panel interface

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