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Welcome warm spring Zoomlion 29 truck cranes to "the Belt and Road" Kuwait

welcome warm spring Zoomlion 29 truck cranes to "the Belt and Road" Kuwait

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recently, Zoomlion and the "the Belt and Road" national keweite customers signed 29 truck cranes successfully completed the shipment of all equipment. The total value of the equipment is up to more than 30 million yuan, which will be mainly used for the new large-scale oil smelting project in Kuwait

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, the equipment purchaser this time is a large infrastructure group in Kuwait. Previously, most of the cranes purchased by the group were European and American brands. "We have conducted many consultations on the model and quantity of equipment required for procurement. Finally, Zoomlion won the recognition of customers with its excellent equipment performance and good reputation for after-sales service."

welcome the warm spring, Zoomlion sent 29 truck cranes to "the Belt and Road" Kuwait

the customer revealed that this purchase was the result of the group's decision-making level's investigation and comparison. The customer studied the product technical data in detail, repeatedly compared the technical indicators of peer manufacturers, visited the after-sales service center, parts warehouse and training center of Zoomlion's agents in Kuwait, and learned about the use of equipment and after-sales service with local Zoomlion crane customers. After layers of consideration, Zoomlion was finally selected

the Gulf region has been suffering from heavy sandstorms all year round. The summer hydraulic universal testing machine has several common failures. The climate is hot in the season, which requires the equipment to be more stable and heat-resistant. Zoomlion's team finally reached an agreement with the customer to purchase three types of hoisting equipment commonly used in the Gulf region by analyzing the customer's engineering construction characteristics and equipment procurement investment. The three types of equipment have stable product performance, high efficiency, but the hoisting advantages of general manufacturers and all-round safety protection, which meet the construction requirements of oil field operations in the Gulf region. At the same time, it can not only meet the needs of engineering construction, but also has a high degree of generalization of equipment, and can obtain fast response of high-frequency accessories

in recent years, Zoomlion's sales performance in the Gulf region has been rising. In addition to strong technical research and development capabilities and machinery manufacturing capabilities, Zoomlion's local perfect after-sales service support is also indispensable

since 2015, in order to improve the service response speed, Zoomlion has continuously increased the investment in overseas services with different materials and samples and different implementation of standard sets of facilities. Through the expansion of the spare parts warehouse of the Dubai subsidiary, the reserve of high-frequency spare parts has been increased, and the upgrading is conducive to the continuous growth of high-performance composite materials in the fields of aerospace and national defense utilization, machine training center. At the same time, strengthen the professional training of the after-sales service team of agents in surrounding countries, and urge agents to expand the spare parts reserve

from Dubai service center to local service center, Zoomlion has provided "double insurance" to users' equipment, which has been highly praised by local customers

since the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, the construction machinery industry has made new breakthroughs. At present, the market is gradually thawing. The above-mentioned person in charge of Zoomlion said that the Gulf region to which the 29 Zoomlion equipment was sent was also an important route along the silk road. Zoomlion would further grasp the opportunities of the times and help the overseas construction of the "the Belt and Road" with more lean products and services

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