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Weilun Tonghua east line 2015 campus recruitment set sail again, accept

introduction: where to go in graduation season? As it happens, we are recruiting talents

give you a high starting point and help you shine brilliantly in life

Company Profile: in 2015, weiluntong has been established for the 20th anniversary. It is a professional human-machine interface expert and exquisite frequency converter craftsman. Our offices are all over the world, and our sales scope radiates the whole industry. The high market share of all walks of life and the continuous cooperation of customers are not only the embodiment of our rich experience at the expert level, but also the value expression of the company's theme

we pay more attention to talent training and the addition of new blood. We have always adhered to campus recruitment to provide more employment opportunities for students. In 2015, coupled with the handsome appearance and the story of starting from scratch, the campus recruitment project has spread to all regions. The East China line will set sail after the recruitment in the first half of 2015. This time, we will keep improving and select two famous schools for on-site recruitment

past style:

I. recruitment time and place

December 1, 2015 pm13:30 Zhixing building, Hydropower College, Yangzi Jindong campus, Yangzhou University s416

December 4, 2015 pm13:30 Dushu Lake campus, Suzhou University

II. Recruitment positions

1 Junior technical support engineer (5 people)

job requirements:

● electrical automation, mechatronics and other related majors

● understand PLC programming and HMI programming; Familiar with the application of configuration software

● be tolerant, lead all employees to make more contributions to the enterprise, be stable, and be able to withstand strong work pressure

● excellent language expression and belt transmission; Communication skills, strong teamwork spirit

● strong work execution and independence, and can accept short-term business trips, covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

2. Sales Engineer (10 people)

job requirements:

● marketing, electrical automation related majors

● study hard, have strong learning ability and excellent performance during school

● professional knowledge structure is reasonable, and there is certain relevant internship or work experience

● hardworking and strong hearted

● like challenges and full of innovative spirit

1. Enterprise propaganda

(1) propaganda content: company development history, product introduction, service system, development prospects; Corporate culture, salary and welfare; Job requirements

(2) delivering Resumes: on site resume delivery

2. Written examination interview

screening resumes, and notifying the interview for written examination and interview

3. Upon employment, sign the three party agreement, which should also have the function of heat dissipation and separation of impurities and air in oil.

the main office in East China is the core area of Suzhou Industrial Park. The comfortable smart office will bring you different office environments, and coffee bars and kitchen rooms will enjoy life more smoothly. The company is people-oriented, provides a perfect staff life security plan, and provides annual leave and other holidays on the basis of enjoying legal holidays. Organize relevant training activities from time to time to improve employees' abilities in many aspects

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