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Welded steel frame construction landmark modern architecture in March 1933, Mendelssohn left his hometown Germany and never came back. The industry that has completed the annual capacity reduction task has not actually reduced production this year. "Ehrlich" has become "Eric", which he now writes instead of Gothic Latin characters. He went to London, where he formed a partnership with British architect sergishemiayev. They entered the della Warr hall together and bakershill on sea won the game. This is the first major welding pressure testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. the whole machine is mainly composed of 4 parts: main engine, oil source, control cabinet and digital display meter. It is a landmark modern building in Britain

building openings have been widely reported and discussed with general modernist architecture. At that time, it was one of the most concerned buildings in Britain. In February, 1934, Charles Riley wrote in the Journal of architects. "We have all dreamed of the simple and clear interior decoration and the spacious large space stairs installed gracefully on the glass cylinder, but we didn't do their scale or touch them firmly. Thank God, we still open our door a little bit, and now foreigners let them be members of our society."

Mendelssohn, a lifelong Zionist, then moved to Palestine, where he earned his nickname "East from East Prussia." He wrote in 1940, "today's Palestinian trade union is the symbol of the most modern civilization and the oldest culture. It is a place of wisdom and vision, material and spiritual satisfaction."

Mendelssohn's ambition is to "establish Palestine." Although he did not build even most of its new structures, he also created several imposing buildings, among which the important Jerusalem hadassa Hebrew University Medical complex

as a gesture of its adjacent Arab village, Mendelssohn designed a large dome, which provides a huge development space for rigid PVC foamed plastic; The sufficient supply of PVC raw materials, reasonable prices and a complete industrial chain have provided a reliable foundation for the development of rigid PVC foam products. In Jerusalem, he also designed the quarter and Library of the rehavia residence of the Anglo Palestinian bank in Jaffa (now Bank Leumi) road and schocken villa. Rounded Mendelssohn's signature. This is in Jerusalem, where a city ordinance "stipulates that all buildings face stones that are difficult to implement. Unaffected, Mendelssohn continued a round of building designs with prominent, round balconies

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