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Weinan high tech Zone makes every effort to promote the construction of construction machinery projects

Weinan high tech Zone makes every effort to promote the construction of construction machinery projects

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Guide: at the beginning of the new year, walking into the construction sites of various projects in the high tech Zone, tower cranes stand, the machine roars, and the builders are using the golden period of construction to catch up with the progress. Wotai technology and Taihe electromechanical have been completed and put into operation, Newland and Weinan optoelectronics have achieved mass production, Western heavy industry and heavy rubber will soon be put into trial production, and Chengdu zhongdig and Huangpai Technology

at the beginning of the new year, when walking into the project sites of the high-tech zone, tower cranes are everywhere, and the machine roars. The builders are using the golden period of construction to catch up with the progress. Wotai technology and Taihe electromechanical have been completed and put into operation, nulland and Weinan optoelectronics have achieved mass production, Western heavy industry and heavy rubber are about to be put into trial production, and Chengdu zhongdig, Huangpai technology and other projects are in full swing...

this opinion will separate the aluminum based new material industry from the previous preferential policies, and the construction of key projects is the driving force to accelerate development, and it is also a powerful lever to leverage economic upgrading. In recent years, the high-tech zone has taken project construction as an important starting point to promote development, constantly accelerating the construction progress, and the construction of various key projects has shown a gratifying trend

referring to the earth shaking changes in the high-tech zone, every high-tech person is filled with emotion. "Ten years ago, the mechanical fatigue spring testing machine of daji'nan experimental machine factory in the district was a reciprocating enterprise driven by electromechanical and reducer connecting cams. There was only one Weihua group company, but now it has developed to more than 100." The data is the best evidence: in the past year, the high-tech zone highlighted the three leading industries of fine chemicals, equipment manufacturing and new energy and new materials, and focused on introducing domestic well-known enterprises to participate in the construction of the central area. It has visited Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao for investment invitation seven times, and 12 groups of merchants have visited the zone. During the year, 13 projects including Hunan Sinosteel, Chengdu Zhonggou, Beijing Julong and Guangdong Liying were introduced, with a total investment of 7billion yuan. The investment attraction fund in place was 4billion yuan, accounting for 130% of the annual plan, with a year-on-year increase of 19%. The use of foreign direct investment reached US $11.8 million, and the total import and export volume reached US $118.99 million. At the same time, in order to comprehensively improve the quality of the city and speed up the docking with Wanda Group, Shanghai Yifeng and Guangdong country garden, Wanda Group is about to settle down after nine negotiations, which has effectively promoted the level of economic and social development and the production and living conditions of the people in the region to achieve a historic leap

attracting investment is ability, and staying in business is skill. As a national high-tech Industrial Development Zone, leaders at all levels have high hopes for the development of the zone. In order to ensure the practical and effective promotion of various projects, the decision makers of the high-tech zone made careful arrangements, adhered to the idea of "high starting point planning, group development, high standard construction and fine management", raised 500million yuan to implement the "three roads and five streets" project, and further expanded the framework of the new area of "four vertical, five horizontal and one green ring". Taking the opportunity of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" in the city, we will transform and improve the capacity of water supply and heating, and speed up the promotion of garbage treatment and sewage treatment plant B to a projects in the western district. Formulate and implement lighting, greening and beautification plans, speed up the upgrading and reconstruction of Xinsheng Road Commercial Street, repair and lay 16000 square meters of sidewalks, plant 100000 seedlings of all kinds, and increase the greening area by 300000 square meters. The main body of the central square has been completed, and the supporting environment carrying large projects has been improved as a whole. At the same time, we strengthened project contracting, insisted on the early intervention of public security organs, and focused on coordination, commencement and progress. A total of 56 projects of various types were arranged throughout the year, and 20 major projects were organized for centralized commencement three times. A total of 6.1 billion yuan was invested in 18 municipal key construction projects, completing 103% of the annual plan. The actual test data of Western heavy industry and heavy rubber will be put into trial production soon show that wotai technology and Taihe electromechanical have been completed and put into operation, and Newland and Weinan optoelectronics have achieved mass production. We provided services and support to enterprises in planning marketing, held the centralized sale ceremony of Zoomlion excavators and the demonstration and promotion activities of new products of Beiren Printing machine, and helped enterprises win policy subsidies of 59.66 million yuan, with a new output value of more than 700 million yuan. Zoomlion bucked the trend, achieving an annual output value of 2.59 billion yuan and paying taxes of 51.16 million yuan, becoming the largest taxpayer in the high-tech zone. At present, the second phase of the tower crane production line has been completed and put into operation, and the third phase of the bulldozer plant infrastructure has been completed. It is expected to be put into trial production in April this year, and the super large excavator project has passed the demonstration. "Technology leads innovation and innovation drives development" has achieved initial results. The annual investment in scientific and technological research and development reached 62.29 million yuan, and the district level scientific and technological expenditure reached 43.93 million yuan. 14 innovative enterprises and 24 high-level talents were highly rewarded, which stimulated the impetus of scientific and technological innovation in the region. Throughout the year, science and technology enterprises in the zone applied for 25 various science and technology plans, applied for more than 150 patents, and the transaction volume of technology contracts reached 3.04 million yuan. Zoomlion, Biaozheng technology, Weinan optoelectronics and other three enterprises were successfully approved as provincial-level technology centers. The main role of enterprise innovation has gradually emerged, and the endogenous growth capacity has been improved. Improve the scientific and technological innovation service system, cooperate with Xi'an Jiaotong University, and invest 1billion yuan to jointly build a national science and Technology Industrial Park. The recent planning and design scheme has been determined. The foundation construction of the entrepreneurship incubation base with an investment of 130 million yuan has been completed, and the construction investment subjects of the national molybdenum product testing and inspection center and the coal quality testing and inspection center have already implemented the construction funds, and the implementation is about to start

a project is a new growth point; A batch of projects is a new growth pole. Scientific decision-making, unconventional development measures and the spirit of hard work have made the economic development and project construction of the high-tech zone a good show, with bright spots flashing. The number and scale of project construction have expanded rapidly, and the construction projects have realized the transformation from small-scale and low output to large-scale, clustering and industrialization. Statistics show that by the end of December 2012, the total industrial output value of the region had reached 15billion yuan, an increase of 35% year-on-year; The gross domestic product reached 8.5 billion yuan, an increase of 24% year-on-year; The investment in fixed assets reached 9.102 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 48.06%; The added value of the non-public economy reached 3.834 billion yuan, accounting for 45.1% of the region's GDP; The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 1.75 billion yuan, an increase of 16.7% year-on-year; The district level fiscal revenue reached 205.6 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 28.44%, effectively driving the city's economic and social development by leaps and bounds

sow new hope and achieve great development. First, the construction scene in full swing everywhere makes us feel the foot sound of the high-tech zone's eagerness to advance; The solid progress of key construction projects has strengthened the belief of the people in the region to work hard. Looking forward to the future, these projects will be transformed into the power source to further accelerate the development, and promote the high-tech zone to achieve a greater leap forward

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