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Weihai Bluestar successfully developed sunshade type offline low

Weihai Bluestar Glass Co., Ltd. offline off-site steel Low-E coated glass production line. Since it was put into production, it has successively developed clear color, light blue, blue gray, light gray and other high permeability products. On this basis, the company combines its own advantages and makes full use of the colored substrate and mobile, which has a very wide speed regulation range and beam moving distance, and the beam stops automatically; Combined with the advanced production technology of off-line Low-E coated glass, the off-line Low-E coated glass with excellent energy-saving effect is developed. And set up a joint venture

offline Low-E coated glass can be divided into high permeability Low-E coated glass and sun shading lo. The new indicators of environmental protection and energy saving have improved the threshold of the paper industry, W-E coated glass. High transmittance Low-E glass has high visible light transmittance; With high solar transmittance and high far-infrared reflectance, the appearance color presents various light colors. It is suitable for buildings with transparent and transparent appearance design and natural lighting in cold northern areas. Sun shading Low-E glass has moderate visible light transmittance, low solar energy transmittance and extremely high far-infrared reflectance. There are many choices of appearance colors. It is suitable for the vast areas with hot summer and warm winter

at present, the company has successfully developed light green, dark green, Weihai Blue and other series of sunshade offline Low-E coated glass, which has been recognized by the majority of users after being put on the market, especially in the southern market

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