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Application of weinview touch screen in automatic monitoring system of hydropower station

Abstract: at present, a large number of domestic water conservancy and hydropower projects have been completed and put into operation or are under construction. With the continuous development of unattended (few people on duty) and monitoring, fault diagnosis and condition based maintenance of hydropower stations, new requirements are put forward for the development of basic automation of hydropower stations, which opens up a broad space for the promotion and application of basic automation. The mechanism of basic automation to monitor and measure the normal operation state of hydropower station units and auxiliary equipment is still unclear. HMI is the main tool for measuring and monitoring data. This paper mainly introduces the original system of water conservancy and hydropower industry and the role of HMI in it, as well as the method and specific content of HMI interface equipment. At last, we will introduce the core special function of weinview HMI in this industry, network monitoring VNC

key words: hydropower station, automatic control, HMI, weinview, intellectualization


with the continuous development of unattended (few people on duty) and monitoring, fault diagnosis and condition based maintenance of hydropower station, as well as the reform of power system, new requirements have been put forward for the development of basic automation of hydropower station. At the same time, computer technology The rapid development of information technology and fieldbus technology provides a broad space for the development of hydropower station automation system, both in structure and function. The automation system of hydropower station should become a comprehensive system integrating computer, control, network and multimedia. This paper discusses the application of weinview HMI in the microcomputer monitoring system of hydropower station

the structure of hydropower station automation system and the role of HMI

at present, most hydropower station automation systems cancel or simplify conventional control means and adopt full computer monitoring system. Generally, it adopts a fully distributed and open structure, and the whole system can usually be divided into two parts. One is the part that centrally controls the equipment of the whole plant, which is called the plant level or plant station level monitoring system; The other part is the control part located near the hydro generator floor, switchyard and other equipment, which is called the local control system. The main component of the local control system is the local control unit (LCU) which can be moved sensitively

the system structure principle is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Principle and structure diagram of hydropower station automation system

weinview HMI is mainly applied to local control units. In this unit, the touch screen, as the HMI human-machine interface, monitors the on-site analog quantity acquisition device, switch quantity input and output board, automatic synchronization device, temperature inspection device, etc. through communication with the intelligent controller PLC

Figure 2 Physical photos of local control unit

in this case, the HMI adopts the 15 inch color LCD touch screen mt8150x of weinview, which has the following characteristics:

- high speed 500MHz CISC CPU, fast data processing, and supports multimedia audio and video processing

- high resolution 15 inch LCD with high brightness and wide viewing angle

- touch panel with high sensitivity and precision; It can touch at least 100000 times continuously

- built in power isolation protector ensures stability in complex environments

- support VNC and easyaccess remote monitoring functions; Better integration of plant level control and local control

- large capacity storage space, record event records and trend charts of analog quantities, which greatly facilitates the data recording requirements of the system and the monitoring of data changes at any time

three weinview HMI Software and interface design

the HMI mt8150x of this system adopts easybuilder8000 configuration software to design the screen and configure the communication with PLC controller, which is simple to use

Figure 3 shows the software programming of HMI, the directory tree on the left, the window selection, and the component address on each window; The address view on the right is convenient to view the usage and window distribution of HMI internal or PLC registers

Figure 3 easybuilder8000 software programming

according to the requirements of the local control system, the HMI screen should realize at least four functions:

- process monitoring of startup and shutdown

- p/q active and reactive power regulation control and auxiliary equipment control

- output, accident, fault Input status display

- analog monitoring

the implementation effect is shown in the following figure

Figure 4 HMI main screen of station 1 local control unit

this is the main screen of HMI system, you can clearly see the components of the whole system, and you can also easily use the function keys to jump to the page of each part

Figure 5 startup flow chart

Figure 6 shutdown flow chart

Figure 7 p/q active and reactive power regulation control

figure 8 auxiliary equipment control

Figure 9 output, accident, fault, input status display

Figure 10 analog quantity monitoring

fourth, remote monitoring through VNC

vnc (Virtual Network Computing) is the abbreviation of virtual network computer, which is an excellent remote control tool. VNC consists of a client (vncviewer) and a server (vncserver)

weinview HMI is equivalent to a VNC server. The HMI display screen is synchronously displayed to the client through Ethernet, and the client can remotely monitor and control the HMI; It is similar to the remote desktop of a computer, such as the remote assistance of instant messaging software

clients can use: PC VNC software (such as VNC viwer), browser light clients such as IE and Firefox, and VNC software (supported by IOS and anaload)

Figure 11 schematic diagram of VNC remote monitoring function

in the local control system of hydropower station, each station has multiple cabinets, and HMI is placed on each cabinet for on-site monitoring. The VNC remote monitoring function of weinview HMI enables users to remotely view the screen of the control HMI through Ethernet in the main control room of the plant level control system and operate synchronously, so as to realize the combination of the plant level control system and the local control unit, so as to achieve unattended, labor-saving and effective on-site

take the operation of PC client as an example to introduce the steps:

1. Open VNC viwer, a 3D printout composed of ABS plastic and carbon fiber composite, and enter the IP address of HMI, such as

2. Then enter the password

after entering, the HMI screen can be displayed on the computer, just as you are in front of the HMI. As shown in the following figure. At this time, it is related to national defense and military reform. The mouse can also operate the objects on the HMI screen

V: conclusion

the automatic local monitoring system of this hydropower station adopts weinview mt8150x HMI, which has been adopted by several large and medium-sized hydropower stations in China. Moreover, the leading OEM enterprises in this industry are becoming the standard configuration of equipment. From the perspective of system operation, the equipment operation is correct in various ways, the data acquisition and communication are normal, the system reliability is high, the upper computer monitoring is also normal, and all performances meet the requirements of hydropower station automation system

especially the powerful monitoring and control function of the HMI of the mt8150x of weinview, and the VNC function of the high-end network application not only reduce the workload and production cost for the operation and maintenance of the hydropower station, but also create conditions for the realization of the "unattended" (few people on duty) operation and management mode of the modern hydropower station. And make the automation of hydropower station more perfect and convenient

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