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Toy safety testing solutions

a statistical data from the China Toy Association shows that more than 70% of the toys in the world are produced in China. However, there are serious quality problems in China's toy products, such as excessive heavy metals, unqualified labels, parts falling off, excessive bacteria on the surface of toys and other problems, especially excessive heavy metals, which seriously affect children's health and even life safety. At the same time, the export of Chinese toy enterprises has been seriously affected by such problems

according to the data of China Customs, the growth rate of toy exports in Guangdong has slowed down year by year in recent years. In 2006, Guangdong toy exports amounted to $4.805 billion, an increase of only 5.9%. An insider said that although China is a big toy exporter, China's toy manufacturers lack industry "production norms", which restricts the growth of toy exports due to toy quality problems

the factors that determine the quality of toys include the selection of raw materials, the supervision of production links, the quality of end products, and the testing of PVC or TPE materials. However, at present, the supervision of Chinese toy enterprises in the production process is weak. As we all know, the toys produced by Lida toy factory have been recalled recently because of the excessive lead content. The boss committed suicide on hearing the news. Lida toy factory did not conduct re testing before using the "lead-free paint" from the upstream supplier, and the lack of necessary testing on the finished toys are all the direct reasons for this tragedy

the survey shows that situations such as Lida toy factory are common in Chinese toy enterprises, and the current toy safety situation in China cannot be ignored. In the interview with some small and medium-sized toy enterprises, we learned that: in addition to some small and medium-sized enterprises ignoring the "green" supervision of toy production process, some enterprises feel unable to cope with the high cost of "green" supervision of production process. A testing instrument is often 40.5 million, or even millions of expensive equipment. If you add the maintenance cost and use cost, these enterprises are even more overwhelmed

with the development of the toy industry, toy safety regulations have been continuously improved all over the world, such as the European Union's toy safety directive, the American toy safety standard ASTMF963, and some toy safety standards in ISO. These safety standards for toy enterprises, the implementation of these standards is duty bound; As for the problem of high control costs, it is actually that toy enterprises have not found the most appropriate solution

for toy safety detection equipment, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is the most cost-effective detection equipment. Its sensitive and efficient characteristics determine that it is most suitable for monitoring the production process. X-ray fluorescence spectrometer has the function of rapid analysis of elements. It can extract the content of heavy metals in toys (lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, antimony, barium, mercury, selenium, etc.), toxic elements of packaging materials, phthalate esters, EN71, and the test results are extremely accurate. The detection results of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, especially under extreme conditions, can be comparable to chemical detection, and greatly save the purchase cost, use cost and detection time cost of the instrument. At present, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer has become an indispensable detection tool in the process of advocating green production

recommended testing instrument

Name: energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer edx3000d

supplier: Tianrui instrument

adopts the latest detector with semiconductor refrigeration produced in the United States, which is internationally advanced. It is electrically refrigerated, and does not need liquid nitrogen to make

cold. It can be stored at room temperature and is convenient to use. At the same time, this detector has a built-in signal-to-noise ratio intensifier, which improves the accuracy of the instrument

and the lower detection limit. The detection limit of harmful substances in metal is nearly 5 times higher than the original detector. Details


Name: energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer edx2800

supplier: Tianrui instrument

develop special software for toy safety test standards en and ASTMF963

analyze and measure trace harmful elements Cd, Pb, Cr, Hg, Br, You can also measure the coating thickness



Name: energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer edx-pocket-i

supplier: Tianrui instrument

develop special software for toy safety test standards en and ASTMF963

the world's smallest, lightest, streamlined shape, Bring you a new visual impact

noble and generous colors, showing the unique charm of dignity and stability. Details

------------------------------------- durability test: repeated pressing test can be carried out according to the preset pressure conditions ----------------------------------------------

Name: energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer edx3600b

supplier: Tianrui instrument

accompany with vacuum chamber and high-performance vacuum pump, full-automatic vacuum control system, Make the vacuum test process more intelligent

when analyzing low content light elements, use vacuum pump equipment to extract the air, so that the internal analysis of

light elements can be carried out in a vacuum state. Details

few models below 10kN

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