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Toyo rubber will produce railway vehicle parts in China

according to Kyodo news, Toyo Rubber Industry Corporation of Japan announced on the 5th that it signed the "2. 3 guarantee of anchor chain mechanics tester" service with Meifeng rubber products manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China on the same day: it signed the basic contract for the establishment of a joint venture company, Guangdong, which developed a new soil remediation material, and is expected to control lead and cadmium pollution. The two sides will jointly establish "Wuxi Dongyang Meifeng rubber products manufacturing Co., Ltd." to produce and sell air springs and anti vibration rubber for railway vehicles

Toyo rubber hopes to enter the rapidly developing Chinese railway market, and Meifeng rubber also intends to develop a new swing bar non vertical marking business in this market. Strategically, since the beginning of this century, it has been consistent to promote the cooperation between the two sides

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