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The toy market has unlimited potential, and the grand exhibition of new plastic technology "Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" is about to appear.

China plastic peek resin will expand its scope of utilization in the automotive field, aircraft manufacturing, electronic appliances, industrial manufacturing and medical treatment. The toy industry is developing rapidly. In addition to the international market, the domestic market has also become a more concerned target market for Chinese plastic toy enterprises. According to statistics, there are more than 8000 toy manufacturing enterprises in China, most of which are plastic toys, with an annual output value of about 50billion yuan. For the domestic plastic toy industry, in recent years, with the continuous improvement and standardization of the domestic market and the significant improvement of the urban and rural economic level, more export-oriented enterprises have begun to join the domestic industry. Coupled with the country's strong policy support for "creative industries" such as toys, animation, games, etc., the potential of China's plastic toy industry will continue to show

Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition (the 26th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition) will return to Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 18 to 21, 2012. It will actively cooperate with the rapid development of China's rubber and plastic industry and meet the trend of global greening. Many exhibitors will introduce advanced products, technologies and solutions at home and abroad during the exhibition, integrating new technologies, new concepts New design and low-energy products are widely integrated into the toy industry, and new materials and innovative products with high technological content and high added value are displayed on a large scale to meet the procurement needs of Chinese and foreign buyers

the scale of this year's Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic exhibition reached a new high, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 210000 square meters. More than 2700 world-renowned chemical giants and mechanical equipment manufacturers from 35 countries and regions, as well as 13 exhibition groups from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States gathered on the scene to display a wide range of chemical raw materials and more than 2500 rubber and plastic machinery. The four-day exhibition will also attract more than 100000 professional visitors and more than 100 buyers from 140 countries/regions

a number of famous enterprises participated in large-scale exhibitions, including chemical raw material suppliers: DuPont and Saudi Arabia led domestic colleges and universities to participate in key research projects. SABIC, Boru, BASF, Bayer, Dow, ExxonMobil, Langsheng, Klein, Hetai, topsu, etc; Mechanical equipment suppliers, such as Haitian, Zhenxiong, Hesky, Bochuang, zhuzhong, HNA, Lijin, Edie, Fangli, Liansu, Jinwei, Jinhai, Dalian HuGu, demak, Yaqi, Matsui, chuantian, Wuxi Yangming, Dongyu, Xiaoma, Evian, Cornell, etc; Mold suppliers, such as master mold, Weihai liudao, etc. Exhibitors will share their latest research and development achievements from new materials, processing technology to final application

in addition to exhibitors, many well-known toy buyers have registered to visit the "Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", including Mattel toys, good children and infants industry group, Playmobil (Malta), Kunshan bairuikang children's products, Shanghai Yuqiang gifts, Jiangsu Rongwei entertainment products, Maowei craft products, etc

due to the crowd flow on the exhibition site, the General Assembly will implement crowd control in entrance hall 1. From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on the first two days of the exhibition (April 18-19), the entrance hall is limited to pre registered visitors and visitors holding famous brands or valid invitation tickets to register or enter, and the rest of the visitors need to go to entrance hall 2 and 3 to register during this period. Visitors are reminded to log in for free registration in order to enjoy special access arrangements and receive a coupon for the catalogue (the catalogue is worth 100 yuan). In addition, pre registered visitors can use the function of mychinaplas to search exhibitor information, plan visit routes, prepare personal visit guides, and enjoy the matching service of Commerce and trade

in order to thank the audience for their support for the exhibition, the organizer will hold a lottery on the first three days of the exhibition (April 18-20). Visitors who enter the exhibition before 3 p.m. every day will have the opportunity to win ipad2 or micro single camera. If they come to visit every day, they will have the opportunity to win prizes every day. Please pay attention to the conference page for details

version Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition station has been newly launched. With only one set, visitors can not only browse the latest exhibition information, transportation and accommodation information and seminar details at any time when the freight rate is under pressure, but also quickly go through the "pre registration of visitors" procedure through a button on the website with excellent flame retardant performance. The Chinese domain name of "Chinaplas 2012 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" - www. China rubber and plastic exhibition Com has been born, and visitors can experience new services on. At the exhibition site, visitors can also scan QR codes to quickly search the information of exhibitors, technical exchanges, transportation and restaurants in different application industries. For more information, please browse or log in to this address

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