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Toyo tire was rated as the recommended product of 2011 by auto magazine

on the basis of continuing the five annual product selection activities, 2011 auto magazine gathered senior people in the industry and formed a selection committee, adhering to the principles of objectivity and impartiality, and launched "2 we strive to buy the whole process of 2011 auto magazine's annual product within one month". It aims to provide consumers with professional purchase guidelines and recommend products with outstanding quality

-- after testing the toyoteplus, the Executive Vice President Selection Committee said that the product emphasizes the economy of low wear. In addition to the horizontal tensile testing machine, our company recommends that the tire material adopt the latest wear-resistant silicon compound, which can reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and improve the wear-resistant performance. In addition, we also use the small drainage lines and the silencing design of four main drainage ditches to effectively suppress the noise and greatly improve the driving comfort. Therefore, it is rated as the recommended product of 2011, which is worthy of its name

in today's China, where car ownership is growing, consumers need more replacements with outstanding performance and reliable quality. We are further strengthening the research and development of tires. Toyota plus is a member of the Oriental family. After the wholly-owned Toyo factory in Zhangjiagang was put into operation in 2012, the complete product line of Toyo tires will provide a wider range of choices for domestic consumers and a more reliable guarantee for the travel safety of Chinese drivers

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