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Toyota Motor expands its "circle of friends" of oil and electric hybrid vehicles

when the tide of new energy vehicles surged towards pure electric vehicles, Toyota decided to open up the once hard to buy oil and electric hybrid technology to Chinese car companies. The industry believes that this measure may have a positive impact on China's new energy vehicle industry

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took a key step:

Toyota is negotiating with Geely

in mid September, Toyota revealed that it is preparing to share the details of oil and electric hybrid vehicle engine technology with Chinese car companies. The first Chinese car company to obtain the authorized hybrid system has basically been determined to be Geely. The news that Toyota and Geely will work together to promote the "oil electric hybrid" technology in China has attracted widespread attention in the industry

according to the public information, Toyota Motor has launched in-depth negotiations with Geely motor on authorizing its oil electric hybrid system, and Toyota will authorize the complete solution to Geely motor through its hybrid core parts supplier "Hunan keliyuan new energy Co., Ltd." in China. Perhaps because the project has not been finalized yet, Geely's relevant people said in an interview that it was inconvenient to disclose more information

a Toyota spokesman said recently that Toyota is open to partners, which is also applicable to the field of electrification technology. The cooperation negotiation with Geely on hybrid technology is based on this policy, and further information is expected to be announced before the end of the year. The spokesman said that in the near future, through further negotiations, more Chinese independent brands may participate

promotion status: caused by patent barriers! As a representative enterprise of hybrid technology, Toyota has achieved good sales in Japan, Europe and the United States for many years, and even reaped huge dividends because of patents. However, this situation has changed with the rapid development of China, the largest automotive market, in the field of new energy. China's auto market has paid more attention to pure electric vehicles, and vigorously promoted pure electric vehicles through subsidies and tax incentives, making Toyota feel frustrated in this largest auto market for the first time. At the same time, over the years, too strong patent barriers have also let Toyota miss the opportunity to establish industry standards. In recent years, other manufacturers have found another way and made progress in the fields of pure electricity, plug-in hybrid and so on. Toyota led hybrid has suddenly become an "island" in the tide of new energy

the whole media noticed that Toyota sold 1.3 million vehicles in China in 2017, of which about 10% were oil and electric hybrid vehicles, mainly the oil and electric hybrid vehicles of corolla, leiling and Camry, but the market was unevenly distributed, mainly concentrated in several licensed cities. Toyota expects to vigorously promote the hybrid technology in China in the future, and plans to increase the sales proportion to more than 30% by 2020

local car companies: expect the diversified development of new energy technology

for Geely and other Chinese local brands, hybrid electric vehicles are indeed a good choice in the absence of large-scale popularization of pure electric vehicles. It is noted that before the era of pure electric vehicles, Geely Holding Group planned its new energy technology in three steps: hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and finally pure electric vehicles. Geely is planning to take the hybrid route as a breakthrough and gradually realize diversified development

it is noted that the hybrid battery company jointly established by Toyota and keliyuan is located in Changshu, Jiangsu Province. In August this year, Geely held 11.09% of the shares of keliyuan through share exchange, becoming the second largest shareholder. As a result, Geely, keliyuan and Toyota have opportunities for in-depth cooperation in capital and technology

Geely related people told that in the current cooperation mode between Geely and keliyuan, Geely comes up with its relatively mature hybrid system and technical patents, while keliyuan is the nickel hydrogen power battery and BMS technology supporting Toyota. The two sides cooperate to develop and jointly construct the CHS deep hybrid powertrain system project

all media learned from Keli Yuanfang that today, CHS has at least seven partners

previously, keliyuan, Geely, Chang'an and Yunnei power established the "China Hybrid alliance". As for Chang'an Automobile's behavior of increasing capital and taking shares in CHS, cuidongshu, Secretary General of the all China Federation of riders, explained: "Chang'an Automobile saw the new energy route of Toyota hybrid, so it strongly followed up and invested in CHS."

experts from the National Automobile Circulation Association said that the diversified layout of automobile enterprises is an important measure that is more conducive to occupying the market opportunity in the competition for new energy vehicles in the future


the opening of hybrid electric vehicles or the benefits of electric vehicles

the cooperation between Toyota and Geely in the field of hybrid electric vehicles is the first step for Toyota to go all out to expand its market share and achieve its goals

· "leader" demonstration role

with the addition of the "Chinese Legion", in the future, maybe Hybrid Electric will also be regarded as a key supporting technology, on an equal footing with pure electric technology. When Geely models equipped with Toyota hybrid system come into the market, once they get positive feedback from the market, they will attract more independent brands to join

· diversified new energy mode

hybrid electric vehicles have obvious advantages. Compared with pure electric vehicles, refueling is more convenient than charging, and there is no mileage anxiety. Under the condition of appropriate price and subsidies, it is easier for consumers to accept

according to the data of the passenger Association, excluding pure electric vehicles, from January to July 2018, a total of 118300 subsidized plug-in hybrid models and 116000 oil electric hybrid models were sold nationwide, which was basically tied in terms of sales. Therefore, the industry predicts that once Toyota's hybrid technology is opened, it will form a "tripartite confrontation" with plug-in hybrid and pure electric. If hybrid electric vehicles are opened to domestic car companies within this year, insiders estimate that in the next decade, hybrid electric vehicles will mainly encroach on the plug-in hybrid market. At present, the proportion of pure electric: plug-in hybrid: Hybrid Electric is about 2:1:1, and in the future, the proportion will become 2. The market price will gradually rise: 1:1.5, even 2:1:2

· or enjoy the same benefits as domestic new energy vehicles

at present, the models that enter the catalogue of new energy vehicles in China do not include hybrid electric vehicles. After the opening of technology, the oil and electric hybrid models made locally in the future will also be expected to enter the national catalogue of new energy vehicles and enjoy the benefits related to new energy vehicles


"follow the trend"

is the smart move

Toyota's technology opening up this time is a smart move "follow the trend". In terms of the convenience of using new energy vehicles in China, consumers have higher acceptance of PHEV (plug-in hybrid) and HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) than ev (pure electric vehicle), and car enterprises need to layout

due to the lack of strong policy support at present, PHEV models are easier to open up the market, but this does not mean that PHEV has the best time and place. Regardless of the manufacturing level and technical strength, we should know that in the future, with the decline of large-scale subsidies, the cash subsidies of both will be completely cancelled. Once they are perpendicular to the plane of the leaf spring seat: the incentive to buy a car with the fulcrum on the axis line of the 2 steering knuckle is leveled, the competitive situation will change

first of all, if the independent brand has a new car equipped with mature HEV hybrid technology, it may be more popular in the market than the relatively immature EV and PHEV after the upper and lower jaws are tightened. Secondly, without incentives, independent brands will face the new competition pattern caused by the influx of joint venture brand PHEV. Then, independent new cars with mature HEV hybrid technology will also have more competitive weights

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