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Toyota forklift was selected as the best supplier of Ferrero

on September 25, Ferrero food (33 projects formulate industrial pilot production plan Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. held the best supplier party on the Bank of Xizi lake. As a comprehensive solution supplier for material handling in the new plant, Toyota forklift became the only logistics partner selected

Ferrero company has nearly 70 years of professional technology and innovative technology in chocolate production, and is committed to providing customers with fresh and high-quality products. Its chocolate confectionery products account for nearly 24% of the chocolate market share in China. With the remarkable market achievements of Ferrero hazelnut wafer chocolate, it is in a leading position in the gift market. Hangzhou factory is the first production base established by the group in China and the 21st factory of Ferrero group in the world

Ferrero, as the third largest chocolate confectionery manufacturer in the world, has its own supplier evaluation, rating and management mechanism

Toyota forklift truck adheres to the service concept of "customizing exclusive logistics solutions for customers", wins Ferrero's trust with high-quality and reliable professional services, and establishes a stable strategic cooperative relationship

Toyota forklift has provided Ferrero with storage solution planning since its establishment in Hangzhou. What Toyota forklift does is not only forklift sales, but also a series of supporting facilities such as warehouse construction, shelf matching, charging room configuration, etc. have made planning suggestions, so that customers can truly experience the real one-stop sales service. Toyota forklift truck will escort the smooth operation of Ferrero's factory in China

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