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Toyota forklift won 2015 China's famous brand of green warehousing and distribution

Toyota forklift won 2011 Poor sensitivity of index 5 China's famous brand of green warehousing and distribution

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in April 2015, it was hosted by China Warehousing Association and guided by the Department of circulation industry development of the Ministry of Commerce, "The second China (wood flour heating temperature at 110 ℃, 130 ℃) international green storage and distribution conference" was held in Xi'an. After authoritative evaluation by domestic and foreign experts, Toyota forklift won the title of "2015 China's famous brand of green storage and distribution", and Toyota 8 series battery forklift was successfully selected into the "China green storage and distribution technology and equipment recommendation catalogue (the first batch)"

with the industrial upgrading of energy conservation and consumption reduction, The development of green industry has become the focus of the whole society, and the storage and distribution industry is also a key area of energy conservation and emission reduction. Toyota forklift has been committed to further improving the environmental performance of forklifts. The global production sites of Toyota forklift have obtained the iso140001 environmental certification and are practicing the green and environmental protection production mode. From the forklift design stage, Toyota forklift has achieved no hexavalent chromium and lead, and only materials that meet the environmental protection standards of various countries are used in the whole process of product manufacturing. In addition, the factory also adopts advanced exhaust purification equipment to prevent the external emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds)

about Toyota 8 series battery forklift

after years of accumulation, Toyota's 8 series battery forklift, carefully built with industry-leading technology and keen insight into the market, is a peak for the future. From the whole product design concept to every detail, Toyota's views on the future battery forklift are integrated. The 8 series battery forklift has a greener and environmentally friendly performance - the new Toyota dual AC AC AC system makes the power performance of the forklift more powerful on the basis of giving full play to the inherent advantages of AC motors, such as low maintenance costs, and further expands the limitations of battery forklifts

mainly has the following three excellent functions:

power selection function - the most suitable power mode can be selected with one key according to the operation intensity

power maintenance function - extend the working time with strong power by 15%, so that the forklift can effectively cope with all-weather operation

regenerative braking function - when the regenerative braking function is activated, the battery recovers energy, prolongs the actual operation time, reduces the wear of the brake pads, and effectively reduces the maintenance cost

Toyota forklift, with a forklift production history of nearly 60 years, has always led the international advanced design concept and actively promoted the development of the industry. In its concept of safety control, prevention is the main support of customers at home and abroad. After a series of preparations in the early stage, Toyota forklift, which has ranked first in the sales of forklifts in the world for 13 consecutive years, will spare no effort to provide customers with high-quality products as always with the business philosophy of customer first. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our customers for their support and love

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