The hottest toxic adhesive in Beijing choked a fam

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Beijing: toxic adhesive chokes a family of five people

Beijing: toxic adhesive chokes a family of five people

June 20, 2006 is a common part of medical sutures and tissue engineering

not long ago, a tragedy occurred in a family in Huairou, Beijing. The family decided to use different sensors. All five people were "inhaled poisoning", A puppy in the family died strangely. The "killer with fast speed and high precision" that led to the tragedy was actually the adhesive used for decoration at home

relevant departments found that the concentration of total volatile organic compounds in indoor air was as high as 139 mg/m3, which was more than 200 times higher than the standard limit (0.60 mg/m3) specified in China's indoor air quality standard, and the main component was dichloroethane. How high is the qualification rate of adhesives on the market? Recently, 10 different brands of adhesives were purchased and sent to the indoor environmental testing center of Beijing Institute of labor protection science for testing

it happened in Beitai village, yanqihu Town, Huairou District. Mr. Wang and his family are going to decorate the bungalow with one room and one living room in their home. They have successively purchased two different types of adhesives for pasting floor leather. On the day of the incident, less than two hours after using the second type of adhesive, five people in Mr. Wang's family successively suffered from dizziness, vomiting, blurred vision, limb weakness and other symptoms. The five people were immediately sent to the local epidemic prevention station for treatment, and were transferred to Chaoyang Hospital for treatment after their condition stabilized. The diagnosis of Chaoyang Hospital was inhalation poisoning

on the night of the incident, a puppy left by its owner in its yard died

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