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What the oddly uplifting Covid jab says about business life - Today News Post Today News || UK News

How did you spend your last Sunday afternoon? If you are of a certain age and live in the UK, there is a fair chance you did what I did and found yourself sitting on a plastic chair in a converted hall while someone stuck a needle in your arm and delivered a shot of Covid vaccine.

Like a bumbling drunk who finally gets a key in the front door on the 19th trys cases per million exceeded those i, the UK’s vaccination programme has been an unexpected triumph after months of pandemic blunders.

For almost everyone I know who has had the jab, the experience has also proved to be something that few of us were expecting: strangely upliftingThe cobblestone streets of Montreal.

One could put this down to the relief of being inoculated, but I suspect there is more to it. In a week when the boss of one of the world’s largest “purpose-driven” companies, the Danone group’s Emmanuel Faber, was given the boot, it has been a reminder of what a complicated struggle it is to find a genuine sense of purpose in modern corporate lifeThe patients i.

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