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The development status of China's rubber additives industry

the rubber additives industry is a very important basic industry of raw materials in the rubber industry. After the development of the "Seventh Five Year Plan", "Eighth Five Year Plan" and "Ninth Five Year Plan", China's rubber additives industry has gradually formed three categories, including antioxidant, accelerator and processing additives, A complete industrial system that meets the needs of the rubber industry based on product output and quality. The adjustment of product structure has also made great progress, especially during the "Eighth Five Year Plan" period, with the localization of raw materials of radial tires in China's rubber industry, 20 categories and 68 varieties of new rubber additives have been developed in a relatively short time, forming a new 10000 ton electronic universal experimental machine, which has made a significant contribution to the development of radial tires in China. At present, the production capacity of rubber additives in China is about 150000 T/A, the annual output is about 110000 T, there are more than 200 product varieties, and there are more than 60 enterprises with a production scale of 1000 tons. According to the statistics of China Rubber Association, the output of rubber additives in the first half of 2001 reached 70000 tons, an increase of 11.1% over the same period in 2000

with the transformation of functions and the needs of the industry, Torsten hupe, the global automotive business manager of SGPPL, said that in June 2001, China Rubber Industry Association established a professional committee of rubber additives, with 63 member units in the first batch

in order to adapt to the sustained and stable growth of China's rubber industry and the development of new technologies and products, and to adapt to the new situation of China's entry into WTO, China's rubber additive industry must constantly rely on scientific and technological progress, strengthen the adjustment of product structure, vigorously promote cleaner production, develop green chemical industry, and upgrade product quality and dosage forms, so as to remain invincible in the face of fierce market competition

1 promote cleaner production and develop green chemical industry

"cleaner production" is to apply the environmental strategy of overall prevention to the production process and the product itself. It is the development direction of modern industry, and it is also an effective way for the rubber additive industry to overcome environmental pollution and develop green chemical industry

1.1 strengthening the adjustment of product structure and developing new environmental friendly rubber additives. The adjustment of product structure of rubber additives has always been the development goal of the additives industry. In the "Eighth Five Year Plan", "Ninth Five Year Plan" and "Tenth Five Year Plan", the state has emphasized that the development direction of accelerators should be sub sulfonamides, and the development direction of antioxidants should be para phenylenediamines. At the same time, we should constantly adjust those varieties that are harmful or even carcinogenic to human body. But so far, this adjustment has not achieved the goal of the plan. As far as accelerator is concerned, it is the largest variety in China at present

the adjustment of the product structure of rubber additives in China has continued, but the development of environmental friendly and non-toxic rubber additives must be strengthened according to the needs of cleaner production. It can be said that the development and transportation of new varieties of non-toxic, low pollution and high-efficiency rubber additives is the main development direction and key of China's rubber additives industry. Some products that have been proved to be seriously toxic and have substitutes must be resolutely adjusted

1.2 develop clean processes and improve the automation of the production process. China's rubber additive industry is basically in an extensive production state, most of which are small-scale, with a low degree of automation. Some enterprises are seriously polluted and consume resources. In order to completely change the production status of rubber additives in China and realize the sustainable development of rubber additives production, we must fundamentally manage the production process

one of the key points of technological reform in China's rubber additive industry is accelerator M and aminodiphenylamine. Because they are the main raw materials for the production of the two most important products, namely sulfoylamine accelerators and p-phenylenediamine antioxidants

most of the production of accelerator M has been converted from atmospheric pressure to high pressure to realize continuous production, and good results have been achieved in the treatment of its by-products, but there are still many problems in the treatment of its resin like slag, and some enterprises have established waste residue regulations. Severely punish those who affect the environment. Therefore, how to improve the production process, improve the yield of products, feed the waste residue and the treatment of residue is still the key topic of research

the synthesis process of RT culture has always been a research hotspot at home and abroad. Intermittent formyl aniline reduction method is mainly used in tobacco. This method has high impurity content, low production efficiency and serious environmental pollution. Most of the common external wall insulation materials testing equipment used in foreign countries include: electronic universal testing machine for insulation materials, cutting device for insulation materials, on-site pull-out tester for external wall insulation materials, etc. continuous hydrogenation reduction method or nitrobenzene and aniline integrated cleaning process. The latter is internationally recognized as the most advanced cleaning process, with less three wastes, low cost and good product quality. It is difficult for fulex to build the world's largest 10000 ton RT culture company. Some domestic enterprises have begun to develop and produce, which needs to be further improved

the automatic control of the production of rubber additives will bring great results to the cleaner production process. The new 6000t/a silane coupling agent production line in China adopts closed-loop production and the whole process computer control, and eliminates the three wastes on the basis of it. Some enterprises have also made contributions to cleaner production by strengthening production process control through strict management

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