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Hunan solves the "supporting weakness" and revitalizes the equipment manufacturing industry cluster. The construction machinery industry is well-known in Hunan Province. It is the earliest powerful force in the equipment manufacturing industry at home and abroad, but its leading products rely on foreign supporting parts for more than 60%. In recent years, Hunan's equipment manufacturing industry has shown a momentum of rapid development. Last year, the output value exceeded 2 billion yuan, which can provide more than 400 jobs for the society. Hunan chose four industries with comparative advantages in the equipment manufacturing industry, namely, construction machinery, electrical and electrical appliances, rail transit equipment and automobile, to focus on supporting, cultivating and guiding the development of four advantageous industrial clusters. At present, the construction machinery industry cluster centered on Changsha, the rail transit equipment cluster centered on Zhuzhou, and the automobile industry cluster centered on Changsha and Xiangtan have initially formed. In the context of the financial crisis last year, the growth rate of the total output value and main business income of Hunan's equipment manufacturing industry was higher than the national average growth rate

however, the weakness of the weak supporting development of Hunan equipment manufacturing industry obviously restricts the development of the industry at a higher level. Huang Donghong, director of Hunan Machinery Administration Office, said that the localization rate of parts and components in Hunan equipment manufacturing industry is less than 40%. The investigation of Hunan Machinery Administration Office on the main parts (excluding steel) of three types of products, concrete pump truck, truck crane and concrete pump, which are the leading products of construction machinery, shows that in terms of value, the supporting facilities in the province account for only 10%, the supporting facilities in other provinces account for 28.6%, and the supporting facilities abroad account for 61.4%. In addition, raw materials cannot meet the demand. According to the statistics of the construction machinery industry alone, in 2007, the consumption of high-strength steel was worth 1.4 billion yuan, and the value of ordinary steel and profiles was 820million yuan. Although the output of Hunan was not low just now, due to the incomplete varieties and models, the plate was composed of polystyrene resin or its copolymer, and the demand was almost entirely dependent on outside the province or abroad

Huang Donghong told that compared with world powers, China's domestic equipment as a whole has less than 60% satisfaction in the domestic market, and has a lower share in the field of major equipment. In particular, high-tech equipment and micro processing equipment almost all rely on imports, products with high technical content in equipment rely on foreign countries, and key parts and components are controlled by others. For example, hydraulic parts, Nanjing Julong promising high-power engines, heavy-duty vehicle chassis, high-strength steel plates, etc

in recent years, the industrial supporting level of Hunan equipment manufacturing industry has also been gradually enhanced. For example, around the production of electric locomotives, Zhuzhou has more than 20 parts and components enterprises supporting it; BAIC Foton Changsha automobile factory has grown to more than 120 supporting manufacturers in the province, including more than 100 in Changsha and more than 1.8 billion yuan in Changsha. With the expansion of clusters, the leading role of leading enterprises is also increasing

among the 20 signed cooperation projects in this supporting fair, Zoomlion and Hunan Sinosteel Trade Co., Ltd. signed the "2009 strategic cooperation supply agreement (steel)" of 600million yuan. CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. and Zhuzhou Liancheng Group signed a purchase agreement for supporting accessories of 500 million yuan

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