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The solution case of contac calcium stearate 0.1-0.3 weight parts in the car industry

outline of shelf ID indicator system

basically, the system indicates the components that are put into the rack one by one with the operator

according to the production plan, turn on the shelf indicator light until the operator takes it out (the indicator light goes out). If the wrong part is taken out, the system will use the abnormal rotation indicator to notify the operator of the 70 liter calculation that there is an error. In this way, the error of selecting spare parts can be greatly reduced


● manage the shelves through the special controller "WindowsCE box industrial computer", which can build an independent system. The data is updated through the CF card (compact flash)

● machines with less wiring (S-LINK) have less changes to shelves and are more convenient to install

● in large-scale systems, unified management can be achieved by using shelf management PC. Products that support wireless local area network have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. The rack can be placed anywhere


implementation effect

◆ by sending selection instructions on each component shelf, the operator's misoperation is reduced, and the selection error is eliminated in combination with the visual effect of the warning light

◆ using shelf management PC to manage multiple shelves can reduce the time required for maintenance

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