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SolidWorks makes 3D design easier

SolidWorks is favored by the majority of users because of its easy to learn, easy to use, and powerful features. Through learning the software in a short time, the technicians of Jinan Baihui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. realized the exchange of software drawings with foreign countries, saved costs and improved production efficiency

solidworks is a powerful 3D design software, which has been launched in 2008. The advantages of using SolidWorks for design are mainly reflected in three aspects: making engineers focus on design rather than CAD tools; Use the existing design part to speed up the design process; Use intelligent tools to improve design ability. SolidWorks has been widely used in the mechanical design industry. Taking Jinan Baihui Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a successful customer of Solidworks, as an example, we will introduce the characteristics of SolidWorks software in detail

with China's accession to the world trade organization, foreign customers' requirements for the quality of the company's products are constantly improving, and the competition among similar enterprises is also more intense. In order to make new products more and more recognized by customers and occupy an advantage in the competition, the technology research and development department is important, and the research and development of new products has become the top priority of the company. Faced with a large number of drawing changes and design problems, the R & D department is faced with many problems: 1 Models drawn by different countries and different software cannot be converted to each other. Drawings often make mistakes and are difficult to modify. In addition, the problem of missing drawing lines in two-dimensional design has brought great trouble to production. 2. It is very troublesome to manage complex large assemblies. 3. The pipeline design is troublesome. 4. The rationality of product design, waste of materials and long testing time of prototype affect the product development cycle. The emergence of these problems directly affects the development cycle of new products. The R & D cycle of new products is extended, and the original goal of putting two new products into test every month cannot be completed on time. At this time, the R & D Department of the company is facing unexpected challenges. Therefore, finding a simple and easy-to-use 3D design software to shorten the product development cycle, improve the accuracy of drawings, and then improve production efficiency has become the primary task

however, in the face of several mainstream 3d software in the current market, the technicians in the R & D department "can't start", and need a 3D software that can learn and realize the interaction with foreign software drawings in a short time. Therefore, the procurement of tensile testing machine is 1-to-1 procurement, convenient design, and plays an important role in regulating the earth's ecological environment, so as to save costs and improve production efficiency as much as possible. After several inspections and comparisons, Solidworks, the mainstream 3d design software, was finally selected. Under the careful training of Qingdao Senbo Technology Development Co., Ltd., which provides high-quality services, the company's technicians quickly learned the software and successfully completed the software transition. In view of the current problems of the enterprise, SolidWorks provided the corresponding solutions:

1 SolidWorks software has strong compatibility and can support various file formats of 3D design software. The feature recognition function of SolidWorks can help designers import model files drawn by other design software more accurately and conveniently. SolidWorks' swift technology can effectively help designers design, which is embodied in:

(1) with the "instant3d" function, simply select lines and surfaces, and drag with the mouse, you can easily shape; The fillet size can also be changed intuitively by dragging. There is no need to select features as before, or switch between sketch mode and mode. 3D data without features read in IGES and step formats can also be processed through instant3d

(2) dimension expert (dimxpert) technology allows the user to 3D specifications automatically create dimensional and geometric tolerances. Dimensions and tolerances created in 3D parts can be automatically displayed in 2D engineering drawings. In drawing mode, these annotations can be operated like any other annotation. The dimensions marked by the dimension expert (dimxpert) are based on the actual machining features, such as machining datum plane or hole, so these dimensions can be fully recognized by the workshop. According to these dimensions, qualified products can be processed. The dimension expert (dimxpert) easily solves the problem of the disconnection between design and manufacturing

(3) using the "design clip part" function, you only need to select the logged in part features and sketches, drag and drop them into the 3D model, and then you can use the selected shape. Users can increase the reuse rate of existing data and technical knowledge by adding components and features

(4) the full correlation of SolidWorks can ensure that when the designer modifies the part model, the size of the parts in the assembly and the parts in the engineering drawing will change accordingly

2. Solidworks2008 introduces a series of new tools to help users manage and effectively handle large assemblies. The new "quick view/select" option allows users to quickly view large assemblies and select components to process. Hidden components are not loaded into memory, but the fit relationship is still valid. In this way, the user can process the assembly as if the whole assembly has been loaded. When the assembly is opened in a certain display state, you can choose whether to load hidden components into memory. The display state can also be independent of configuration: unlink to the display state and set the global display state. In the assembly, users can use the interference check function to check whether there is interference, and modify parts in the assembly to realize top-down design

3. For different industry particularities, SolidWorks provides a variety of design modules such as sheet metal, welding, mold, pipeline, etc., which are convenient for designers to design

4. SolidWorks provides a series of intelligent tools to improve the ability of designers:

(1) use dfmxpress to check the manufacturability of design, so that users can find areas that are difficult to process, high processing cost or unable to process in the early design process. Dfmxpress allows engineers to check whether the internal corners, deep grooves or non-standard apertures of the depressed parts and their design are suitable for turning

(2) tolanalyst is specially used for tolerance analysis to determine the impact of dimensions and tolerances on parts and assemblies. Tolanalyst is a function used directly in SolidWorks to automatically analyze accumulated tolerances, helping users verify installation and design functions. Tolanalyst output includes maximum/minimum value, RSS (statistical tolerance) maximum/minimum value, and can obtain a list of dimensions that affect the tolerance, so as to quickly modify and determine the tolerance. Tolanalyst adopts a guided operation process, which can be mastered by engineers without learning, freeing engineers from tedious tolerance calculation

(3) through cosmos analysis tool, it provides early guarantee for product testing and testing, and effectively ensures the excellent quality of products while greatly saving material costs

(4) SolidWorks was quickly recognized by Jinan Baihui Auto Parts Co., Ltd. for its easy to learn, easy to use and powerful features. According to the statistics of SolidWorks minister data analysis process department, using SolidWorks for design can achieve: advance delivery time and reduce development costs, so as to increase the market share of manufacturers by 30%; The manufacturer's design errors have been reduced by 60%, and the development cost has been reduced by 30%; It can display different configurations supporting the customer's assembly process in real time; Manufacturers reduced rework by 75%; The development time is reduced by less than 3, the cost is reduced by 0%, and the time to merge design changes is reduced by 90%. (end)

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