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To solve the problem of ERP project hitting the rocks in the process of enterprise informatization

in this era of popularization of ERP concepts, cases and schemes, the decision-makers and managers of most enterprises will still pay close attention to the following problems when considering the introduction of ERP system:

· is the current management foundation and management level of enterprises suitable for ERP

· how to ensure the successful implementation of ERP projects and achieve results

· with the current enterprise scale, how much investment does the previous ERP need


these problems obtained from experience and lessons show that today's enterprise decision-makers and managers are more thinking about ERP projects from the perspective of solving management problems, realizing application value, risk and implementation

let's analyze the risks and costs of enterprise ERP projects through some fresh cases

one raw materials full warehouse why work stoppage and waiting for materials

a domestic old state-owned enterprise, which has greatly broken the bottleneck of the development of the domestic nylon industry, has encountered a prominent problem: the inventory of raw materials is very high, many raw materials have obvious backlog, but there is work stoppage and waiting for materials at the same time. In 1998, a well-known ERP software was selected and implemented by a domestic agent company. The technical personnel of this agency company neither made an in-depth and detailed investigation on the business model and management process of the enterprise, nor studied and analyzed the crux of the enterprise management problems. Basically, they used this software to simulate the original business management process of the enterprise. Because of the inventory problem of enterprise a, it is easy for ERP implementers to think that according to the principle of MRP, by making production plans according to orders and then doing material demand planning (MRP) calculation, accurate purchase plans of raw materials and purchased parts can be obtained, and ERP system will consider inventory, in transit, in production and other factors, which can gradually digest the overstock of raw materials, and should be able to solve 7. Film Foil material demand for experimental machines: backlog and shortage coexist

but in fact, as far as enterprise a is concerned, what "should" happen has not happened! The backlog is still serious, and there are new backlogs. The same kind of raw materials are obviously overstocked in the warehouse, but new purchases still occur, and even the most basic "information sharing problem of raw materials and external components' arrival time" has not been solved

advanced management concepts and methods

case analysis

the risk of enterprise ERP projects mainly comes not from products, but from the enterprise's lack of proficiency in ERP related technologies

countermeasure 1: find a good partner

for enterprises, the information between enterprises and software providers at the technical level is very asymmetric. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable software and service provider

countermeasure 2:123 step by step

in addition, overall planning and step-by-step implementation are also effective strategies for enterprises to avoid ERP risks

first of all, for some important basic problems in the enterprise business processing process, such as the consistency of warehouse item codes, the consistency of financial inventory, warehouse inventory and physical accounts, and the real-time generation of bookkeeping vouchers from various original documents in purchase, warehouse, sales and other management businesses, you can first use the corresponding modules in ERP system covering business management links such as finance, purchase, sales and warehouse to realize financial supply, storage Real time reflection of sales business. Then, in view of the problems related to production planning in enterprises, such as the coexistence of material overstock and production shortage, the insufficient accuracy and tightness of production planning, and the low timely delivery rate of orders, the scope of application is extended to business management links such as product bill of materials, production planning, material demand planning (MRP), and production orders. After the basic data, business process and information management of the enterprise have a certain foundation, we can import the whole ERP system to solve the problems that are more difficult to manage, such as production and manufacturing process control, accurate cost collection and accounting, whole process tracking and tracing of material quality, financial supervision of planning, production, sales and other businesses, piece work wages and performance appraisal, and finally realize the comprehensive information management of the enterprise

how to choose between the three two contracts

there is a private enterprise B, which is relatively rational in the early stage of ERP model selection. The general manager and the selection team investigated the suppliers' understanding of enterprise management problems, ERP solutions, software modules and functions, project teams, implementation plans and methodologies, comprehensive strength, etc., and selected a domestic well-known ERP manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as manufacturer a) as the software and implementation service provider of enterprise ERP projects, and signed a business contract. Originally, the matter should come to an end here, but another ERP manufacturer (manufacturer b) who participated in the model selection activity rushed to enterprise B the next day and promised the general manager that their company would provide the same software modules and implementation content at only two-thirds of the price

this trick works quickly. Enterprise B can measure whether the relevant physical properties of the test piece meet the use requirements to the greatest extent. After simple negotiation, it soon signed a business contract with manufacturer B. When the bosses of enterprise B were secretly happy, the third ERP manufacturer (manufacturer C) came out and promised the enterprise that their company would provide the same software modules and implementation content, as long as half of the price of manufacturer a

at this time, enterprise B has completely entered the misunderstanding, and unexpectedly signed a third business contract with manufacturer C. What happened? After signing the contract, enterprise B did not wait for the implementation team of manufacturer C until it was beyond endurance and the first contract was retrieved, but the lost things, including enterprise integrity and time cost, could not be retrieved

case analysis

the two manufacturers promised that the company's operating revenue in January (3) 2018 would be 250 million yuan (2) the "same software module and implementation content" of 70 million yuan, which is in great demand

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