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Price of solid wood floor, professional sports solid wood floor

structure of sports solid wood floor,

damp proof layer: PE geotechnical damp proof film

elastic cushion: elastic cushion materials include Pu, rubber, recycled rubber, PVC and other different types, mainly providing shock absorption performance for the system

bearing layer: the bearing layer can be made of single keel or double keel, which usually requires preservative treatment. The keel spacing is generally set at 400mm. According to whether the keel is fixed with the ground and what kind of fixation method is adopted, the sports wood floor can be divided into suspension system, fixed suspension system and fixed system

stable layer: large width plates are usually used, mainly OSB plates, plywood, etc. the size is basically 1.22*2.44m, and the thickness is mostly more than 12mm

panel: the panel can be made of solid wood composite or solid wood board. High quality hardwood is selected as the tree species, and hard maple, Manchurian ash, oak, beech and so on are widely used. According to different uses, because maple is a long fiber tree with good toughness and moderate hardness, and it has the best viewing effect in competitions and TV broadcasting, the panels of most stadiums in the world are made of maple. The moisture content of the panel shall not exceed the local equilibrium moisture content. MFMA Maple panels imported from abroad are generally 20mm and 26mm thick, 38mm and 57mm wide. Most domestic plates are 22mm thick with grooves and flanges

nails: 50 mm L-shaped or T-shaped strong nails for wood floors are used for panel nails; The stable layer is usually connected with the keel by U-nails

paint: the paint is divided into UV paint painted in the factory and polyurethane paint painted on the construction site, both of which need to meet the friction coefficient of 0 7. In terms of environmental protection, it is necessary to achieve no benzene (i.e. benzene, toluene, xylene) and no benzene (i.e. paint, curing agent, diluent do not contain benzene), and perform well in terms of wear resistance, skid resistance, light refraction, etc

scribing: the scribing paint matched with the panel paint is used

skirting line: 80mm 60mm solid wood skirting line

floor structure description

● paint: special current paint for gymnasium wood floor (factory customized)

● surface floor: Maple/oak, Sports wood floor is 18mm to 22mm thick, 50mm to 130mm wide, 300mm to 2400mm long

● multilayer board: solid wood plywood (pine and cedar can also be used for degreasing and dehydration, so that its moisture content is less than 18%, and the processing accuracy is not more than 1mm. Fully laid on the keel, it can effectively resist deformation and improve stability, smooth and stable, and can effectively control deformation) 18mm thick, 2440mm long, 1220mm wide

● non woven fabric of isolation layer: moisture-proof thickness 0.5mm

● keel: Larch (produced in Xing'an Mountains) with a moisture content of less than 18%, which can effectively prevent corrosion and fire after high temperature and high pressure treatment

50mm thick, 40mm wide, 3600mm long

● elastic shock pad: synthetic rubber, solid, durable and elastic; Adding an elastic pad between the upper and lower keels can solve the sound problem of the floor, and the movement is often restricted by the high cost of silver (the current market price of silver is about 4million yuan/ton). 10mm thick, 40mm wide, 60mm long

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professional construction of sports solid wood floor, dance wood floor:

1 Our factory has many professional construction teams of sports wood flooring, and each installation technician has experience in professional sports wood flooring installation

2. The construction and installation shall be subject to systematic and standardized management, which is especially suitable for large-area and short duration projects

3. There is the most advanced digital laser level instrument in the world, which can ensure that the finished levelness of the sports wood floor reaches the international advanced level (below 3mm with a three meter level)

4. The world's advanced high-pressure airless spraying equipment, large-scale on-site sanding professional equipment, industrial dust removal equipment and advanced supporting tools can ensure the construction quality and speed

purchase of sports floor:

1 When purchasing sports solid wood flooring, customers often spend a lot of time choosing materials and comparing prices, but ignore an important fact: the production of products only creates value, and the design, operation, construction and service closely related to it are the real realization and release of the value of the product itself. All this is achieved by people. (the service life is also the embodiment of value. We guarantee the service life of 25 years.) Our core and most proud advantage is our professional team that cares about customers and makes concerted efforts

characteristics of oak flooring

(1) oak wood is white to light brown, heartwood pink brown, most of which are straight lines, and the texture is rough

(2) oak wood is hard and heavy, with medium bending strength and rigidity, high breaking strength, and excellent steam bending resistance. It can be used in indoor court badminton hall, basketball hall, Volleyball Hall, stage floor, furniture, indoor architectural design, etc

(3) the mechanical processing performance of oak wood is good, with an increase of 20 yuan/ton in Jiangsu, Shandong and Shanxi; Nails and screws have good fixation performance; Good surface can be obtained after dyeing and polishing; Dry slowly and easy to crack and warp; The shrinkage is large and the performance is easy to change

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