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The application of solidworks2008 in the structural strength analysis of aircraft tractor

the replacement of manual drawing by two-dimensional CAD is the first milestone in the development of CAD technology, and the transformation from two-dimensional CAD to three-dimensional CAD is the inevitable trend of CAD development. From the perspective of the development of the whole CAD market, the transformation of manufacturing enterprises from two-dimensional CAD to three-dimensional CAD will become an important guarantee to improve the innovation ability of manufacturing products. Recently, I visited Beijing Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd., which applied 3D CAD Software Solidworks to research and design new products, and preliminarily realized the core technology of independent brand research and development of military enterprises in line with the international level

following the pace of development

in the aircraft tractor industry, which focuses on brand and performance, Beijing Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. is good at brand marketing and innovative design. It is from here that China's first military aircraft tractor was officially launched. Among the projects completed by the company, there are not only the low body high-speed aircraft tractor that won the first prize for scientific and technological progress of the former Ministry of machinery industry, but also the rodless aircraft tractor that ranks among the forefront of international science and technology, as shown in Figure 1. It is recognized as an important research and development base of the national tractor industry, and has great competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets

Figure 1 rodless aircraft tractor

walked into the R & D center of Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. Wang Zhi, the chief engineer, told that from the beginning, "Jinlun people" paid great attention to product innovation, so they could develop special walking machinery with Chinese characteristics on the basis of fully mastering advanced design technologies such as CAD, module method and finite element method. However, due to the influence of factors such as the rising price of raw materials, the replacement speed of new products in the industry is faster and faster. Therefore, in order to launch reliable and high-quality products more quickly, the product design of "jinlunren" is facing challenges: under the original 2D design mode, it is impossible to better solve several problems often existing in the design, such as the generation of complex projection lines, missing mark sizes, missing drawing lines The analysis and discussion of the geometric relationship and kinematic relationship of the mechanism, the update and modification of the design, and the management of the design engineering all make the design efficiency far from meeting the required requirements. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to optimize the original product design process to effectively improve the design efficiency. Shortening the design process and reducing wrong design is the only feasible way

design process based on SolidWorks

in order to improve the innovation ability of products, the design idea, design concept, design method and design means of Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. have been transformed to three-dimensional. After a stage of implementation, an application mode with two-dimensional CAD as the main and three-dimensional CAD as the supplement has initially formed

in September 2007, Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. purchased SolidWorks office professional software and applied it to the research and development of new products. As a value-added distributor of SolidWorks software, Beijing qinmeng Technology Co., Ltd. assisted in the installation and implementation of the software, training consultation and technical support. "What we are interested in is the rich service experience of SolidWorks software for foreign manufacturing enterprises, as well as its powerful and easy-to-use design advantages. Even 60 year old engineers can use it quickly." Wang Zhi said, "with the development of applications, two-dimensional and three-dimensional technologies and products will be integrated into the overall strategy and solution planning of PLM. We can continuously optimize the key processes in the product life cycle, such as design, process, manufacturing, etc., according to our own characteristics, so as to achieve the corresponding goal of rapid and optimal benefits."

at present, SolidWorks has helped engineers and designers in Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. to create parts, assemblies and production level engineering drawings of the frame part of the rodless aircraft tractor. According to Yan Hongfeng, the director in charge of the project of rodless aircraft tractor, in the design of the frame of aircraft tractor, because the frame is basically composed of welded steel plates, with various features and complex shapes, when using SolidWorks 3D modeling, you can first model the simple steel plates, and then assemble the weldments into the form of assembly parts, with clear layers, as shown in Figure 2. Because the overall structure of the frame is basically symmetrical, it can improve the design efficiency and save time to reasonably solve the symmetrical features and parts, and it also plays a vital role in the assembly and analysis of such a reasonable idea as the whole. In short, in the process of 3D modeling of frame parts, SolidWorks software not only ensures the correctness of the design, but also enables designers to have a completely real experience of the assembly process of the whole product and feel the ease and efficiency brought by 3D design

Figure 2 frame model of rodless aircraft tractor

simulation analysis for design process

the development of CAE technology is inseparable from three-dimensional CAD technology. In the increasingly competitive aircraft tractor industry, "virtual prototype" has become a magic weapon for "Golden Wheel man" to win in the business sea, and simulation analysis is an indispensable link in the virtual prototype design process. In this enterprise, professional finite element technology was used to analyze products. Because designers and analysts belong to different departments, the product development cycle is often greatly delayed due to the lack of smooth communication. After engineers adopted cosmos, a structural analysis software that is a plug-in of SolidWorks software and shares a unified database with Solidworks, Yan Hongfeng said, "no matter whether you have actual analysis experience or not, the graphical operation interface of cosmos allows you to intuitively divide lattice elements, define boundary load conditions and quickly solve the calculation results, and can ensure that the analysis results are very close to the theoretical results; its low price makes us use of finite element analysis software to achieve immediate results."

as for the rodless aircraft tractor project, when analyzing the frame part of the rodless aircraft tractor in cosmos, the supply is sufficient, and the constraints are imposed first, and the constraints at the mounting hole of the rear wheel motor and the front axle are defined; Then set the loading of 12 tons, define the cylinder tension of 28 tons, the front jacking force of the pin axis of 25.6 tons, and the downward force of 8 tons, and get the von Mises stress nephogram of the frame part. Since von Mises is an equivalent stress, it uses stress contour to represent the stress distribution inside the model, which can clearly describe the change of a result in the whole model, so that engineers can quickly determine the most dangerous area in the model, as shown in Figure 3. Yan Hongfeng explained that the place where the emerald color is displayed is the most dangerous and problem prone area. Figure 4 shows the strength test of the frame structure of the real vehicle, and figure 5 shows the comparison between the finite element analysis strain value and the measured strain value. It can be seen that the strain values of most corresponding points are relatively close, and there is a certain deviation in a few corresponding points

it can be concluded that there is a very good mapping relationship between the test data and the simulation data, and the test data can be derived from the simulation data. Engineers who apply cosmos can replace the test with simulation analysis part to reduce the test workload and cost. And through simulation analysis, green environmental protection is one of the requirements to verify product performance

Figure 3 von Mises stress nephogram of the frame part of the rodless aircraft tractor

Figure 4 structural strength test of the frame of the real vehicle

Figure 5 Comparison between the finite element analysis strain value and the measured strain value

play the melody of innovation

after more than half a year of use, the design method of engineers of Beijing Jinlun kuntian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. has been improved, the design idea has been sublimated, and the product development level has also jumped to a new level. It is mainly manifested in three aspects:

(1) it improves the design quality. CosmosWorks is easy to learn and use, and realizes the virtual design of some complex products. Through interference inspection, the low-level errors of product design are basically eliminated, and the feedback of customers is getting better and better

(2) the design efficiency is improved. The products designed in three dimensions are the true reflection of production, which reduces the development of prototypes, saves development costs for enterprises, and shortens the time for products to be put on the market. Cosmos has become a strong backing for the early launch of products and the reduction of cost risks

(3) improved reputation. The process between them is very troublesome, and it is the process of users, who have to pay a certain amount of money to open and cancel. The three-dimensional model established makes it more convenient and simple for enterprises to participate in product bidding, product publicity, product sales and marketing, and customers have a deeper understanding of the products of the enterprise

chief engineer Wang Zhi told that in view of the goal of modern manufacturing enterprises to pursue high-quality design, in the future, Jinlun company will further popularize 3D design, establish a fully digital R & D platform, and also establish and solidify the product design process based on SolidWorks software, set the development goals of virtual products, and finally determine the strategy of application technology integration. (end)

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