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1. Program background

in order to implement the spirit of the two sessions of the State Grid Corporation of China, accelerate the promotion of modern technology, take emerging information technology as a means, fully promote the digital transformation and upgrading of user engineering materials business, and constantly improve the construction requirements of user engineering materials management level, The material Department of State Grid Corporation of China organized and carried out the top-level planning and overall business design of the company's modern information supply chain system

building a modern supply chain system is an important measure for the company to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and promote the deep integration of new technology and the real economy. Therefore, a city urgently needs to build a material all business unified data center that can effectively support the current supply chain system in the 1990s, and take typical business scenarios as a breakthrough point to verify the feasibility of building a material all business unified data center from the two levels of performance and function. Combined with the needs of the project, it needs to purchase a batch of analysis equipment for material all business big data, In order to ensure the stable operation of the unified data center for the whole business of materials of Shanghai company

2. Scheme demand analysis

2.1 demand analysis

deploy a set of call center software, a relay gateway, 15 sets of seat IP and traffic headset on the virtual server of the computer room of a city's power material company. The call center server is connected with the trunk line to realize number access, and realize the incoming call of customers and transfer to agents. Provide business support to suppliers, project units (emergency repair teams) and review experts

it is necessary to purchase full-service big data analysis equipment in combination with the above software requirements

2.2 integration requirements

configure material business system docking support and operator digital relay access support

3. Specific construction contents

3.1 build a call center core system

an IP call center system with distributed deployment of the latest technical concepts based on the equipment and network environment prepared by the current computer room. This system is a mature, unified and efficient service platform integrating computer (software and hardware) technology, Internet technology, computer integration technology (CTI), customer relationship management (CRM) technology, switch (PBX) communication technology and other aspects. It centralizes the affairs handled by multiple departments within the enterprise in a unified external contact window, adopts a unified standard service interface, and provides users with systematic Intelligent, personalized and humanized services

the system is based on the independently developed IPPBX, and has the advantages of high performance, high stability, multi-function, low cost, fast implementation, and easy expansion. After all, some powerful manufacturers may have relatively high prices. It supports 2500 seats and external trunk access methods such as FXO, PRI, SS7, IMS, sip, iax, etc. The seat end can adopt Mandarin machine, IP phone or sip extension to meet the habits of users in various industries. The system is completely self-developed with independent intellectual property rights, and provides secondary development interfaces, which can quickly integrate the customer's own business management system

3.2 integration and docking of call center and business system

contact the bid evaluation experts, CRM automatically generates an automatic outbound call at random for external calls, and the experts who receive the confirmation choose the number of subsequent external calls. Combined with the TTS engine, the preset text will be converted into voice and played. At the same time, the CRM system synchronously sends a confirmation SMS reminder

4. System design scheme

4.1 infrastructure layer

the IP call center system of this project is the latest generation of call center products, which not only has all the functions of the traditional call center, but also has the functions of VoIP and soft switch that the traditional call center does not have, which not only reflects the current level of the most advanced CTI technology and mature software design, but also has development potential. At the same time, it has strong compatibility with other business management systems and database software systems used by customers. The system adopts the world's advanced QoS guarantee mechanism and efficient speech coding and decoding technology to ensure speech quality

4.2 database and data link layer

database and data link architecture are as follows:

data acquisition layer

data acquisition layer is used in indirect access. The granularity and fields of the acquired data are consistent with the original system, and only a little enhancement is made to the technical attributes of the data, such as the source system

(3) install the spherical lower platen business conversion layer on the platen

the data warehouse layer has process data collaboration, data expansion, etc. It reprocesses the data on the basis of the data acquisition layer to make it conform to the significance of the business and prepare for further application

operation data storage

operation data storage meaning (5) the insulation chamber filling polyurethane foam process is the real-time data at the storage operation level for foamed insulation aluminum profiles, which provides the possibility for the real-time data warehouse. It stores detailed level data and real-time/quasi real-time data

report layer and structured data are mainly used for the association of multiple data objects to produce reports that meet business needs. From a technical point of view, all reports should be issued based on the report layer

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