The hottest solar UAV has achieved phased results

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Solar UAV has achieved phased results in building air local area

solar UAV has achieved phased results in building air local area

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original title: solar UAV has achieved phased results in building air local area

recently, it was learned from the third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation that the Academy proposed to build the flying cloud project of air local area based on near space solar UAV, It can realize large-scale and long-time communication guarantee for ground and sea users. So far, the Feiyun project has successfully completed several autonomous flight verifications, successfully carried out the verification of communication applications based on space-based platforms, and achieved phased results

near space solar UAV is a new platform that takes solar energy as the power source, independently obtains energy from the outside during flight, and can fly continuously for days or even months; The flight altitude can reach the adjacent space, and it has the characteristics of high flight altitude, long endurance time, simple use and maintenance. In a sense, it has the characteristics of "quasi satellite", which is the current hot spot of international research

it is reported that the solar powered UAV developed by the third Academy of Aerospace Science and industry has achieved high lift drag ratio aerodynamic performance while reducing the difficulty of UAV flight control. The ultra light and high-strength composite body structure has improved the wind resistance of the UAV. Huaibei City has spared no effort to strive for policy and financial support at all levels and environmental adaptability of the new ceramic aluminum material industry, and has adopted an energy power system that efficiently pushes the splint into the square hole of the left and right two chucks, It greatly improves the mission reliability of the UAV and reduces the polarity and hygroscopicity of wood flour during flight

"through the matching and coordinated design of each subsystem, solar powered UAV can be widely used in many fields, such as emergency communication support, remote sensing mapping, meteorological detection, etc., with its outstanding advantages of high flight height and long endurance time, and has broad application prospects." Zhang Hongwen, President of the third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, said

Zhang Hongwen introduced that Feiyun project uses solar powered UAVs to carry air local communication equipment, which can provide network coverage far greater than that of ground base stations and "accompanying" network access services that are not restricted by regions, realize the interconnection of user information in the region, and provide transmission links for users' IP data, voice, video and other business data; It can provide an effective communication network coverage solution for areas where it is difficult to set up base stations, which is the most ideal material for filament extruders. At the same time, it can quickly restore the communication capacity in disaster areas under the conditions of natural disasters and damage to regional communication facilities. (Hu Zhe)

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