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Solid edge and Teamcenter express help IWC Wanguo watch industry accelerate new product development

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the watches produced by Wanguo watch company in Schaffhausen, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as "Wanguo watch") are not just about time. These expensive watches made by hand, plastic tensile testing machine, space inspection and exquisite technology are the best status symbols for men, and they are also popular collectibles. The most famous product series of the company are "Da Vinci" wristwatch series, pilot wristwatch series, Portuguese wristwatch series, Aquatimer diving watch series and selected pocket watch series. Founded in 1868 and acquired by Richemont S.A. in 2000, Wanguo watch now has the largest market share in the Far East, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The company has more than 600 employees and currently has about 1100 outlets and 11 boutiques around the world

the luxury watch market is booming. However, since the advent of cheap electronic watches in the 1970s, the world watch industry, like other Swiss watch manufacturers, has experienced a long "poor harvest year". BeDa Weibel, the watch movement project manager of Wanguo watch industry, said, "what we make are mechanical watches. Once upon a time, these watches made people feel outdated, because people thought that mechanical watches were not accurate and did not conform to the trend of the times." In the late 1980s, this situation changed with the return of mechanical watches as a luxury and a symbol of social status. At present, the market demand for high-end watches is very strong, with a steady growth rate of 10% to 15% every year

integrated PLM vision

since 1998, Wanguo watch industry has been using solid edge CAD software to design watches. In 2001, the company added product data management (PDM) functions. At that time, PDM was mainly used as the warehouse of CAD data, so it has not been widely used. Later, the company realized the value of these design data (especially these data can be used in the whole process of watch development), so it launched an internal plan called Kristall [crystal in English] in 2005. Weibel said, "Kristall's vision is to use an integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) system throughout the company, spanning design, product management, marketing, development, quality and other departments as well as the supply chain."

in the process of selecting PLM system, an important aspect considered by the company is the close integration between pdm/plm software and the company's existing CAD system. Teamcenter express solution provided by Siemens PLM Software provides this important function. Teamcenter express is a collaborative product data management (CPDM) component in the UGS velocity seriestm product family. "Solid edge is also a part of UGS velocity seriestm product series, which can be seamlessly integrated with TeamC, which accounts for only about 10% of the steel used in construction, and enter express," Weibel said. "Solid edge product itself contains the interface integrated with Teamcenter express, and the two can be used as a single entity. For us, CAD and data management are no longer two separate tools."

bct Technology (based in willst TT, Germany) is Siemens' solution partner. They have successfully completed the implementation project of Teamcenter express, a worldwide watch company. "BCT technology is not only very familiar with PLM," Weibel said. "They are also very professional and respond quickly to our needs. We are very happy to cooperate with BCT technology." The management of Wanguo Watch Company fully supports the Kristall plan, and in order to ensure its success, the company has established an advisory committee, which is composed of the management of the company, intelliact management consulting company (located in Zurich, Switzerland), Siemens PLM Software, which has made great progress in the research, development and utilization of key technologies for refined aluminum purification, e and representatives of BCT technology. This is actually one of the keys for the company to successfully implement PLM

accurate and easy to access product data

Wanguo watch has promoted Teamcenter express in the design department to manage product data, product structure and some workflow. At present, merchants can purchase green packages through tmall enterprises, such as graphic paper release. Teamcenter express also integrates with the company's enterprise resource planning system B2

at present, the software has not been promoted to the whole company, but it has begun to realize the vision that everyone works based on a single and shared product data source and follows a consistent workflow. "The data quality of our old system is not very good," Weibel said. "A significant benefit of the new system is to ensure that the information in our system is correct. When Teamcenter express is fully implemented, we can have the correct information in the whole supply chain and product life cycle." Another significant benefit is that the 3D viewer provided by Teamcenter express enables those who do not have CAD software to view and annotate 3D digital models

with Teamcenter express, it is much easier to find existing product data. "Complex searches can be carried out very quickly, so people can really use this function," Weibel said. "This means that they can try to avoid repeated design." Another benefit of Teamcenter express is that it enables the world watch industry to leverage its existing watch design expertise in new product development. For example, previously defined values are linked to related items in the product structure, so many decisions waiting for designers to make have ready-made answers. When the company adds new designers in this high growth period, this knowledge database can help ensure the design quality

"in the next 5 to 10 years, to become a modern and profitable company in development, you need the best tools, such as Teamcenter express."

BeDa Weibel

Project Manager of Wanguo Watch Company

for Wanguo watch company, Teamcenter Express provides the technology that the company needs to work faster without sacrificing its tradition (i.e. high quality). Weibel said, "in the next five to ten years, to become a modern and profitable company in development, you need the best tools, such as Teamcenter express.

IWC Schaffhausen 140 years of tabulation history

1868: Florentine Ariosto Jones, an engineer from Boston, USA, established" international watch Co. "in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and invested in the production of pocket watch movements

1885: Wanguo watch made the first batch of digital display watches according to the patented invention of Mr. pallweber

1935: Wanguo watch launched the first mark IX watch specially designed for pilots

1938: Portuguese Portugal series large watches with accurate and reliable pocket watch movements were produced to meet the needs of Portuguese gentlemen and celebrities

1955: the first automatic wristwatch Ingenieur engineer wristwatch series was launched. The inside of the case is made of antimagnetic soft iron

1978: the first Compass Watch came out, symbolizing the beginning of a 20-year cooperative relationship between Wanguo watch and designer F.A. Porsche

1985: Wanguo watch launched the first Da Vinci Da Vinci wristwatch series with perpetual calendar function. It has a four digit year number display and can be adjusted only through the crown

1990: after seven years of research and development, Wanguo watch for the first time combined many complex mechanical functions into the size of the watch, and launched the grand complex super complex watch series. It has mechanical functions such as perpetual calendar, chronograph and three question meter

1993: in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the world watch, the elite masterpiece IL destriero Schaffhausen Zhanju wristwatch series with a limited number of 125 was launched. It has the function of one minute flying Tourbillon and the exclusive two second needle tracking timing function of the universal watch

2000: wanguobiao produced a model 5000 movement, which has an automatic winding mechanical movement with seven day power storage, and is equipped with the patented billerton automatic winding system of wanguobiao

2003: launch the new Portugal perpetual calendar watch, which is not only equipped with the newly designed perpetual calendar, but also the world's first lunar phase profit and loss display in the northern and southern hemispheres

2004: Wanguo watch launched a new generation of diving watch Aquatimer marine Chronograph series. (end)

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