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customer background

customers are China's leading Internet consumer financial service providers and the first batch of member units of China Internet Finance Association. The enterprise is committed to providing comprehensive support for the reasonable consumption of young groups and white-collar workers. As of April 2016, it has more than 8million registered users. In 2015, the annual sales of the enterprise exceeded 10billion yuan, and the monthly sales exceeded 2billion yuan. With the expansion of business territory, the existing traditional IVR can not meet the diversification of consumer needs, and there is an urgent need for intelligent voice (Intelligent IVR) to optimize customer service

customer pain points

the traditional IVR user experience is poor. Users need to listen to the voice layer by layer, which is very time-consuming, and the key operation is cumbersome, so it is difficult to quickly find the business they want to consult

when the customer service consultation volume reaches the peak, it is easy to break the line and lack of a convenient and rapid response mechanism

scheme highlights

ivr customization

configure IVR customization, keys and corresponding scripts take effect in real time, and real-time changes are supported after configuration is completed

the front-end IVR records 1.41 ~ 1.70 to record customer needs, which can be fed back to the manual seat when the customer transfers the manual service

support users for IVR authentication

Business Navigation

flat menu, full business scope navigation interaction

context correlation, random jump

support key and voice mode, robot navigation and key navigation combination

data statistics

user stay time, exit rate, user operation trajectory, etc., multi-dimensional statistics of user data

traffic data support real-time export and query

support system backup

intelligent interaction

support intelligent interruption, support global commands in the process of human-computer interaction

automatically broadcast bills

support identifying users' surnames and actively sending blessings, VIP customers' incoming calls are automatically identified

support manual transfer and hang up processing, Manually switch to IVR secret checking function

guide non registered customers to conduct air strike, and the pointer should point to the zero position of the dial to register

scheme feedback

create a new intelligent IVR system. Through intelligent voice interaction in the preparation process, it improves the user experience far beyond the coating surface

voice intelligent response, improves the self-service solution rate, and effectively reduces the operation cost

deal with sudden exceptions and ensure the service level through the opening statement announcement configuration

the system meets the requirements of high availability, high scalability and low maintenance cost

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