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SSD began to reduce prices on a large scale, the gospel of the computer party

at this stage, so many plastics are being used in the computer accessories week, and the competition is very fierce. Moreover, taking SSD as an example, the price has been reduced during this period. Today, let's talk about the price reduction of SSD from two aspects: why the price of SSD will be reduced and whether the price of SSD is likely to decline again

first of all, let's talk about why the price of solid-state disk will be reduced. The reason is that the price has been increased every year after repeated verification experiments by many manufacturers in the past few years, and several major particle suppliers have greatly accelerated the multi-layer stacking and manufacturing process, as well as the accelerated popularization of QLC

so the current situation is that manufacturers are embarrassed to say that there is no 64 layer stack. Like Samsung, Toshiba and Intel, these large businesses have begun to retail and ship products with 64 floors. Moreover, in terms of manufacturing process, 10nm has accelerated its popularity. According to the original domestic forklift and hydraulic component manufacturers, they should see the good prospects of hydrostatic forklift. The schedule can only reach 14nm in 2018

what's more, combined with 10nm is the arrival of QLC. The wafer cost is basically the same, and the output can almost double. So the price reduction is certain. In fact, in my opinion, it is possible to further reduce the price, but the decline is not large

if you are in a hurry to buy it now, you can buy it directly. After all, it is very affordable. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait for a shopping festival such as 618. It is estimated that there are still activities, so you can choose according to your own needs

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