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Recently, with four major brands and thirty-three products, with the theme of "science and technology driving a new realm", Cooper Tire appeared in the third Asian Essen tire exhibition, and once again became the most dazzling star of this tire industry event. In addition to introducing two new products, the exhibition focused on the "focus of the problem is that the original products fell by 12.3% year-on-year in terms of structure, material and other aspects. From the overall perspective of this year, whether the major improvements have led to changes in performance and technical characteristics" in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection of tires. As a green way, Cooper called on more tire enterprises to practice environmental protection and benefit from environmental protection

the Asia Essen tire exhibition held at Shanghai New International Expo Center is the third time that this professional exhibition has entered China. Compared with the previous two exhibitions, it brings together more well-known tire manufacturers and international buyers at home and abroad, and attracts the participation of many tire, tire accessories, tire production equipment and other manufacturers to jointly exchange advanced technology and business information at the exhibition

GUPT tire is one of the largest manufacturers in this exhibition. Its booth is divided into four exhibition areas, showing GUPT brand Celeron series domestic car tires, staffy brand car tires, Chengshan and Aotong brand car tires, truck tires and Dean brand truck tires produced by GUPT Chengshan, These exhibits fully demonstrate the technical advantages and production capacity of the GUPT Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd., a joint venture of GUPT in China

the products on display this time include two new car tires launched by GUPT this year, namely Chengshan csc-5 and Aotong sp-7. Both of the two new products are applicable to all kinds of medium and high-end cars and sports cars. The unique "U" type one-way pattern optimization design ensures that the grounding pressure of the pattern block is evenly distributed, inhibits irregular wear, and provides excellent grip during steering

Mr. caokechang, President of GUPT tire Asia Pacific region and chairman of GUPT Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd., came to the exhibition site to unveil the booth. In his speech, Mr. Cao Kechang also introduced the achievements of solid platinum tires in environmental protection and new energy. From the following four aspects: reducing the scrap rate in the production process, using the vulcanization process in the production process, launching the "green" design of tire products, and generating background information: producing low rolling resistance tires, and comprehensively using clean oil in the production of products, he comprehensively revealed that solid platinum tires strictly comply with international environmental protection standards, Meet future challenges with a longer-term vision

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