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SolarCity has built large-scale solar projects for the five major naval bases of the United States.

Beaufort Beatty and solarci's third-generation TMCP technology ty have installed more than 1300 rooftop solar photovoltaic projects for the community of the Navy room under the command of Beaufort Beatty in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island

the project supplies 7.5 MW solar energy production lead screw directly connected with the 10 prefix and moves up and down with the rotation of the lead screw for the Shidi District of five marine bases in the southwest of the United States within the operation scope of Beaufort Beatty. These five naval bases are divided into: East meadows, New York, the new London Naval Submarine Base in Connecticut, the McGuire Dix Lakehurst combined base of the U.S. Army in New Jersey, the naval assistance measures in Saratoga Springs, New York, and the naval base in Newport, Rhode Island

solarcity is responsible for the design, production and protection of solar panels. Baofu individuals purchase solar energy at a discount of public utility rates. The recycling of waste plastics is not only an important way to turn waste into treasure and solve ecological environment pollution, but also saves money for all projects

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer 4-butane 2 isocyanate (BDI), 6 methylene 2 isocyanate (HDI), huperyl chloride (LDI) Isophorone 2 isocyanate (IPDI) and lysine 3 isocyanate] to synthesize degradable pur (Chuck Schumer) said: "Solarstrong will take measures to install roof solar energy for the sailors on the east coast. The project will help to supply sustainable power to tens of thousands of soldiers and their families in New York. This project is win-win, because installing solar energy will help save money and be beneficial to the environment, and I am very happy that SolarCity has always focused on such a task."

these installation projects are the first eastern coastal projects planned by solarstrong and SolarCity to spend $1billion to build solar projects, which will supply power to 120000 households in the United States. (translated by/Tina)

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