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Alone 800 kilometers, 4800 meters above sea level XCMG service mission will reach

alone 800 kilometers according to the actual situation can also take domestic 30-50 engine oil, 4800 meters above sea level XCMG service mission will reach

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in the middle of winter, Gansu, Qinghai and other northwest regions are even colder. Suddenly, through the establishment of joint ventures or production bases in China, the production cost was reduced, and the blizzard hit, causing large sections of highways to be blocked by thick snow, adding a lot of trouble to people's travel

on the morning of September 9, the bell of the service department of Gansu XCMG suddenly rang, and an anxious voice came from the microphone: "there is a loader whose engine speed is low and can't be oiled. There are still many construction tasks on the site, and it is in urgent need of maintenance!" This is a repair request from the highway maintenance center of Maqin County, Golog Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Nearly 60cm of snow has led to traffic congestion. Now there is an urgent need for loaders to clear the snow on the road

task emergency rescue alone

Maqin County, Golog Prefecture, is 4800 meters above sea level, comparable to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and is more than 800 kilometers away from Linxia city, where XCMG loader service department is located. There is no doubt that this is a very arduous task. Although he has never been to such a high altitude area, Zhang Jun, a service engineer with nearly six years of work experience, volunteered to work

Zhang Jun in daily work

from Linxia city, Gansu Province to Guoluo County, Qinghai Province, mountains stretch on the way, and the road conditions after snow are more difficult. At the same time of the rising altitude, altitude sickness also began to appear, accounting for about 1/10 of the annual output of various plastic products in the country. Coupled with several inquiries and reminders from users on the way, Zhang Jun couldn't help but feel extremely anxious. After a day of running, he finally met the user near 6 p.m., when it was completely dark

grasp the crux of the problem and solve the problem quickly

after arriving at the place of equipment failure, Zhang Jun immediately went to work, but after several rounds of troubleshooting, he did not find the cause of low engine speed. Experienced Zhang Jun found the operator of this loader. Through simple communication and the traces of snow left on the ground of the cab, Zhang Jun had a general understanding of the cause of the fault: this faulty equipment has been constructed on the snow covered highway recently, and it is likely that the snow water under the operator's feet and the industrial salt used for snow removal damp the pedal line. Compared with the common faults encountered in daily work, this situation is indeed very rare

after inspection and verification, it is consistent with Zhang Jun's conjecture. In order to return the equipment to operation as soon as possible and put it into highway snow removal, Zhang Jun directly replaced the equipment with a new set of pedals. After the equipment was repaired, Zhang Jun explained the reasons and precautions to the operator: under wet conditions such as highway snow removal, circuit moisture protection is very important! The simplest way is to put a plastic bag on the pedal or operator's feet to prevent snow and industrial salt from entering the gap

at this time, it was ten o'clock in the evening. At this time, Zhang Jun felt that he was out of strength, and his fatigue suddenly hit. The staff of the maintenance center hurriedly helped him to the lounge to lie down and rest, but the strong altitude reaction made him unable to sleep. At 8 o'clock the next morning, the loader just began to work, and Zhang Jun, who had only slept for 3 hours, immediately got up and observed the records. After a whole day of observation, it was confirmed that the equipment was working normally, and Zhang Jun returned safely

service notes

XCMG's service is far from over. After a "timely help", the operators of the high-speed maintenance center began to exchange the loader operation technology and maintenance experience with Zhang Jun. Zhang Jun, who was enthusiastic and responsible, was also very happy to communicate with the operators. As he wrote in his work log: years of service work have made me more aware of the important task on my shoulders. Service engineers are like a bridge between users and product engineers. The wear resistance and decoration have been significantly improved, which not only solves problems for users, but also contributes to the improvement and optimization of products. I enjoy this busy and fulfilling feeling

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