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GUPT STT tire escorts the long-distance off-road activity in the whole journey

the global off-road tire master GUPT tire officially launched the week-long off-road activity "walking without borders" in Chengdu, Sichuan today, the fourth main line activity - from Chengdu, Sichuan to Sanjiangyuan, Qinghai. This year's theme, in a completely reversible process, "journey to the source, exploring the mother river", will not only give you a new cross-country experience, but also aim to arouse your awareness of the protection of the mother river. The departure ceremony of the main line event was attended by representatives of Cooper Tire dealers and retailers, representatives of employees of Chengdu jiachefang, grass-roots leaders in the automotive off-road industry and media friends

from now on, the elite off-road team organized by GUPT tire will start from Chengdu, Sichuan, and spend seven days on the way to the destination Huangnan (Sanjiangyuan, Qinghai). On the way, GUPT's off-road products will meet the test of various complex road sections, such as highways, asphalt roads, Panshan roads, gravel roads, etc. During this period, the foundation laying ceremony of "GuBo Siyuan primary school" will be held, and the journey will end in Chengdu at the end of September. "Walking without borders" has entered its fourth year. Every year, it pays attention to different social topics, sets up different cross-country routes, and perfectly combines public welfare and cross-country culture. This year's "boundless journey" to explore the mother river was carried out in many cities across the country, hoping to establish the concept of environmental protection through practical actions and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to and protect the mother river. From September 5 to 10, the mother river has been explored at the estuary of the Yangtze River, the Pearl River and the Yellow River. The mother river will be used to irrigate the tree of thinking about the source, so that life will continue under the flow of the mother river

it is reported that the main activity of this "walking without boundaries" - the Siyuan trip will all adopt the discoverer STT, a product discoverer under GUPT, which is known as the "rock solid king of super cross-country". This kind of tire has a rough and solid appearance, and is an ideal choice for off-road vehicles. It is suitable for all kinds of off-road s to promote the transformation of industries with excess capacity to consumer goods production, as well as fields and service industries, or industrial upgrading. UV can provide strong core traction, and the deep shoulder pattern and unique central traction area provide extraordinary strong grip. In addition, discoverer STT extends rubber to cover the rim flange, reducing the probability of accidental damage to the flange

in addition, the main departure ceremony of this "boundless walk" Siyuan trip will be held at Chengdu jiachefang Automobile beauty service center, Sichuan Province. Chengdu jiachefang Automobile beauty service center is the first comprehensive automobile beauty and quick repair service store under Chengdu automobile cube company, which is represented by Sichuan Province of GUPT tire. It was officially opened in August this year, and now has nearly 20 employees. The main products are the full series of tires of GUPT and starfield. The service concept of the center is: pay attention to details and let every guest's car get the best care

Mr. chenzongqing, general manager of Chengdu GuBo jiachefang, attended the event and said: it is expected that this public cross-country activity can arouse people's love and protection of the mother river, and combine the cross-country spirit advocated by GuBo with the traditional Chinese virtue of "thinking of the source after drinking water". We will also adhere to the consistent principle of GUPT: every time consumers buy a GUPT tire, we will donate one yuan to Siyuan hope primary school. Through appropriate assembly, we may also obtain a love fund of similar nature and performance

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