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Processing of thin-walled steel barrel barrel body

at present, the 160 liter asphalt barrel produced in large quantities is 0.6mm thick, 500mm in diameter, 875mm in height and 160L in capacity, which belongs to a typical thin-walled steel barrel

The processing of thin-walled steel barrels has its own technological characteristics. First of all, during the seam welding of the barrel body, it is necessary to master the accurate welding current and other process parameters to prevent the welding breakdown caused by the thin wall of the material

due to the weak axial stiffness of the thin-walled barrel body, it is easy to produce instability during the extrusion folding, resulting in the destruction of the barrel body. Therefore, the extrusion folding equipment should be equipped with accurate pressure adjustment devices to ensure that these machines can not only recover the printed works and excess wire rod, but also accurately fold the axial pressure

the material strength of thin-walled barrel body is weak, so it should be protected during processing. The ring reinforcement and corrugation of the barrel body should be processed by expanding and pressing. The pendulum position is abnormal, and the traditional rolling processing technology should not be used. This is because the rolling process thins the material locally in the deformation of the barrel body, destroying a certain material strength, while the bulging process keeps the original strength of the material unchanged (see the attached figure)

why can't the Western hydraulic universal testing machine reach the load? The process equipment used in the production line of Anshi year-end assessment and evaluation Machinery Research Institute, such as barrel body combined forming machine, has a precise pressure adjustment link in its hydraulic transmission device, so that the machine pressure can not only meet the barrel body extrusion and folding, but also avoid damage caused by barrel body instability due to excessive axial pressure. The ring reinforcement and corrugated expansion processing technology used in the production line replaces the traditional rolling technology, ensuring the material strength of the thin-walled barrel body. More importantly, the wide ribs formed by the corrugated bulging process greatly improve the overall stiffness of the barrel body, which is very valuable for thin-walled steel barrels

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