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Processing technology of various auto parts and tools used

processing of hole parts

hole processing of parts is mostly in accordance with ldquo; The faucet belt uses a multi blade composite structure (blade machine clamp, inlay welding combination) to replace grinding with reaming and squeezing. Finish machining the hole in the process of one-time cutting, with the rotation speed of 3000r/min, the cutting speed of 1.5 ~ 3m/min, the accuracy of 5 ~ 7 grades, and the roughness Ra = 0.7 μ m. The speed of gun drill reaches 8000r/min, RA = 2 μ m。 The precision boring and reamer produced by German MAPAL company is widely used in the automotive industry because of its unique structure, ultra precision inner hole accuracy, excellent surface roughness and high economic benefits. MAPAL cutting tool is a single edge cutting tool, and the blade adopts an indexable blade with precision grinding. There are more than two supporting guide strips embedded on the tool body. Almost at the same time when the blade enters the workpiece for cutting, the supporting guide strip also plays a supporting role in the corresponding position, strengthening the production technology research and development of soft magnetic metal materials such as high-performance low-power ferrite, new high-performance amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, next-generation high-frequency rare earth soft magnetic materials, electromagnetic shielding and absorbing materials, composite soft magnetic materials, etc, And absorb the vibration and resistance caused by cutting to ensure that the roundness and cylindricity of the inner hole are 1 ~ 3 μ Within m, its aperture tolerance reaches H6. In the machining of valve guide hole of automobile engine, its machining accuracy and surface quality are better than gun drill machining. The cylinder hole boring adopts a double station, built-in machine tool spindle, axial reciprocating push-pull rod mechanism. Reciprocating tool walking is used for rough boring and fine boring respectively, and the boring speed is up to 800m/min

machining of plane parts

the milling of plane parts mostly adopts the radial and axial two-way adjustable high-speed dense tooth surface milling cutter with dense teeth, over positioning and repeated clamping structure. The diameter of the milling cutter is 250 ~ 400mm, and the axial runout is ≤± 0.0025mm. The machining of part assembly plane is to replace grinding with milling, and the roughness Ra = 0.7 μ m. Unevenness < 0.02mm

the blade of the finish milling cutter head can be adjusted by eccentric screws, with an adjustment accuracy of 0.002mm. In medium feed finish milling, the surface roughness of parts can be significantly improved by using the reasonable arrangement of ordinary blades and polishing blades; When finishing milling with large feed, all polishing blades are used to obtain ideal surface roughness

when milling workpieces made of aluminum alloy materials, milling cutters of various specifications with unequal tooth pitches and large axial and radial rake angles are used. The rake face of the cutter is polished. During cutting, the cutting force is small, there is no vibration, and the surface quality is good

for the machining of crankshaft main bearing cap, the special tools for compound forming broaching with inverted and arranged machine clamps are used. Three kinds of 713 indexable cemented carbide coated (TiCN) blades are installed, with a feed speed of 25m/min, a shift production of 1750 pieces, and a broaching cutting allowance of 1.5 ~ 3mm

in the processing of automobile connecting rods, the breaking process of the separation surface and the plane grinding process of the double side horizontal double shaft round table are all high-quality and efficient processing processes commonly used in the production of connecting rods abroad at present

machining of shaft parts

the machining of automobile crankshaft main journal and connecting rod journal adopts duplex turning - broaching special tools. The diameter of the cutter head is 700mm, and 40 carbide coated blades are installed on the circumference of the cutter head. Each 10 blades is a group. The cutting speed is 150m/min, the fast forward speed is 4.6m/min, and the radial cutting allowance is 1.5 ~ 3mm. In addition, the outer cylindrical surface of the shaft end of some parts is machined by using the special tools for forming combined cylindrical milling and reaming, and the rough machining of the outer circle and end face is completed by one-time cutting, replacing the single edge turning process

gear processing

cylindrical gear processing

foreign countries mostly use multi coated high-speed hobs (cutting speed above 110m/min) and radial gear shaving cutters to roll and shave, and shaving is used instead of grinding. A large number of CNC gear cutting equipment are used, which greatly improves the machining efficiency, and the machining accuracy can be stabilized above level 7; Hard tooth surface cutting with cemented carbide tools has become an important research field at present

domestic high-speed gear hobbing above 100m/min is applied in some joint ventures. Honing, gear grinding and radial gear shaving are also used to varying degrees, but most of them are poor in processing efficiency, accuracy and stability, and generally can only reach grade 8 accuracy

straight bevel gear machining

precision forging technology is widely used in foreign countries, and gear cutting technology is retained in occasions with high accuracy requirements. At present, precision forging technology has been applied in China, but it is rarely used in automobile production, and gear cutting technology is mostly used

spiral bevel gear processing

most of the spiral bevel gears in foreign countries are machined by CNC gear milling machine, and the CNC gear lapping machine is used for gear lapping after heat treatment; Matching fine assembly or using numerical control gear milling machine, and using numerical control gear grinding machine to grind teeth after heat treatment can better correct the deformation of heat treatment, and matching assembly is not allowed. Hard tooth surface scraping technology has certain application in spiral bevel gear machining

Gleason and Oerlikon have launched the latest design, analysis and measurement software for six axis CNC equipment, which makes the design, processing and tooth shape correction of spiral bevel gears form an intelligent closed-loop system

the gear measuring center is adopted. Due to the advanced technology and automatic detection, it has accurate measurement, high precision and high efficiency

the spline tooth shape processing on several transmission shafts of the engine adopts the special tools for rubbing and extruding chip free processing configured in pairs with two stations. The spline tooth shape is rubbed and extruded in one reciprocating motion

domestic spiral bevel gears are mostly processed by ordinary manufacturing industry, which is the key area to encourage foreign investment this time. Gear milling machine processing is carried out, and gear grinding is carried out after heat treatment. The precision of gear cutting is low, and the real function of gear grinding has not been brought into play. The control ability of heat treatment deformation of materials is poor

Gleason and Oerlikon CNC gear grinding machines just introduced by FAW Group and Dongfeng Motor Company have not been used in production. Gear detection generally adopts pitch detector, involute detector, base knot detector, etc., and a few manufacturers adopt gear detection center

processing of shell parts

most of these parts belong to the structure of flat and porous thin-walled parts, with poor rigidity and high requirements for the accuracy of the hole location, so most of them are processed by machining centers abroad

the boring of the spherical surface in the differential housing adopts the spindle built-in machine tool, and its push-pull rod moves back and forth axially, driving the boring head to move in a two-dimensional semicircular trajectory, superimposing the shell rotation movement, and completing the spherical surface forming boring processing with one-time tool walking. According to the multi variety demand of the product market, China has formed a trend of shifting from the production line of a large number of special modular machine tools in the past to the flexible production line composed of CNC machine tools and machining centers. Using coordinate measuring machine for semi-automatic non measurement, the detection accuracy is high, but the efficiency is not high


surface grinding large plane high-precision grinding machines are mostly used in China, and the grinding roughness is ra = 0.5 μ m. The grinding speed is 8.0m/s

high precision CNC cylindrical grinding machine is adopted in China

internal grinding domestic use high-precision internal grinding machine, grinding roughness Ra = 0.2 μ m。?

stainless steel electrode

the future development trend is: in terms of cylindrical gear processing, it will solve the problems of accuracy and stiffness of domestic machine tools, solve the problems of tool materials and their service life, and develop high-speed gear hobbing and hard tooth surface processing technology; Develop radial shaving and stable honing technology; Introduce CNC gear processing machine tools to improve the overall processing level. In the aspect of bevel gear processing, we should develop precision forging technology to process spur bevel gears in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs; For spiral bevel gears, a relatively perfect spiral bevel gear trial production system will be gradually formed. A complete set of software and hardware environment for design, strength analysis, trial production, test and production preparation will be formed to solve the key technology of gear cutting process before production; Have the research and development ability of high-precision and low-noise gears; Effectively undertake the trial production of new products and the production tasks of small batch and high-precision special varieties of gears; Refine the assembly process, determine the reasonable quality inspection links and process tempo, and determine the corresponding process measures for the different needs of different gear products; The gear trial production and production workshops shall be equipped with gear detection centers to realize automatic detection and reduce human errors. In terms of shell parts processing, the high-speed machining center module system will be used to process shell parts, and the production line will be matched with CMM or automatic measuring instrument to realize automatic or semi-automatic detection. In the processing of various planes, large plane high-speed and high-precision grinding machines will be developed to grind planes, with a roughness of RA = 0.5 μ m; Develop powerful grinding machines, high-precision CNC cylindrical grinding machines and point grinding processes to grind cylindrical surfaces; In recent years, high-precision internal grinder has been developed to grind the internal surface, and its roughness can reach RA = 0.2 μ m。

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