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Processing of scenic originals in prepress production

there is a kind of manuscript used a lot in the printing manuscript - Landscape manuscript. Generally, this kind of manuscript requires strong color and light dark contrast, higher color saturation, longer tone, and not too long black version. In this way, the printed matter produced has a good effect

for the color separation of landscape originals, the black version only plays the role of outline, which is usually heavier in the middle and dark parts, showing the level of this part, and the main colors are expressed through cyan, magenta and yellow. Generally, the normal landscape manuscript mainly focuses on the bright and middle tones, and needs good color saturation. Therefore, when making the landscape manuscript, we can appropriately sacrifice part of the dark tone level, and make the medium bright tone level rich and colorful. Another important aspect in processing landscape originals is clarity. When making, you need to add some sharpening to strengthen the small changes of the object and make the scene clear

some landscape manuscripts are mainly color, which requires to ensure bright colors and contrast. In the landscape manuscript, generally for the treatment of the sky, we want the sky to be blue, the composition of the yellow version should be as small as possible, the black version should not be a little, and the main color version is the green version, especially the sunny sky. Attention should be paid to the treatment of the grassland in the original. The main color version of the grassland is the green version and the yellow version. The yellow version is generally larger than the green version, and the degree of the Yellow Version depends on the season. Generally, the grassland is tender green in spring, and the yellow version is larger than the green version, up to 50% to 60%. When the grassland reaches the end of summer, the green becomes darker, and the gap between the green version and the yellow version becomes smaller, about 20%, and the magenta version has a certain point

when processing scenic originals, it is also important to observe the shooting of the originals. For different cases of originals, the processing methods are also different. Next, we will analyze three different situations

1. Overexposed manuscript

the development of C919 large passenger aircraft adheres to the airworthiness first principle. The characteristics of the manuscript are that the main body of the image is concentrated in the bright and medium bright parts, with less dark levels, low density, insufficient contrast, insufficient color saturation, and the image looks white and bright

when processing such originals, we need to pay attention to the processing of intermediate and medium tones. We should increase the density of intermediate and medium tones, so as to improve the contrast of the image, enrich the level, and correspondingly improve the saturation of the color

2. Underexposed originals

this kind of manuscript is characterized by the fact that the main body of the image is concentrated in the medium and dark parts, which is generally dark, the density is too thick, and the dark level is relatively severe

for the processing of this kind of originals, it is mainly necessary to brighten the image as a whole, reduce the density of intermediate and medium dark tones, and reduce the intermediate part by a part to enrich the medium bright tone level. In the process of adjustment, it is necessary to always pay attention to the changes of the highlight part, and pay attention not to make the area of the vast part too large

3. Originals with normal exposure

such originals have normal image levels, large contrast, good hue saturation, and bright colors. They are ideal originals. During processing, normal calibration is enough. What needs to be noticed is sharpening, some edge sharpening, or some unsharp mask, so as to enrich the fine level of the image

in fact, as with other types of originals, it is necessary to pay attention to the setting of black-and-white field points and the control of gray balance. Generally, according to the characteristics of landscape originals, the percentage of white field points is: version C 3%, version M 2%, version y 2%, and version K 0%; The percentage of points in the black field is: 95% in version C, 3 Photoelectric information materials m version 90%, y version 90%, K version 85%

the LCD screen of the black-and-white field setting positive experiment will display the words "PC control" correctly, and normal contrast can be obtained; Controlling the gray balance can avoid color deviation. These two points are very important for image processing. Only by doing these two points well can we get a good image

source: Longjiang printing

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