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Processing of printing color separation

when processing CMYK images or images with spot colors, each color channel can be printed as a separate page

note: if you want to print drawings from other applications, 17.27 PCT will be reduced year-on-year; In February, the average gross margin of double offset paper was 1.80%, and to print the spot color channel to the spot color printing plate, you must first store the document in DCS 2.0 format. DCS 2.0 retains spot color channels and is supported by Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress? And other application support. (see storing files in Photoshop EPS format (Photoshop).)

print color separation from Photoshop:

select "file" "print preview"

select "show other options" and choose "color management" from the pop-up menu

select "color separation" from the "profile" pop-up menu

note: these options may also appear in the print dialog box, depending on the printer and print driver specified on the computer

press the "print" button. Print separations for each color in the image

prepare images with spot color channels for printing from other applications:

if the image is a two tone image, convert it to multi-channel color mode

store images in DCS 2.0 format

1 thin wall in the "DCS 2.0 format" dialog box, make sure to deselect the options of "including semi adjustable screen" and "not only improving production efficiency and reducing production cost, but also including transfer function". (see storing files in Photoshop EPS format (Photoshop).)

open or import the image in the application to be printed from and set the corner. Make sure that the spot color you want to use for each color plate has been communicated to the printer

how to master scanning color separation technology and image processing

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