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Emerson CT used technology seminars to serve customers and accelerate the upgrading of the energy industry

"Emerson CT technology seminar" was held in Dushanzi, Xinjiang on November 18. The half day seminar attracted nearly 100 visitors from Dushanzi Refinery, ethylene plant, thermal power plant, public affairs management company, Tianli high tech, grand development project department and other units, as well as Dushanzi Design Institute, information center and other relevant units, Achieved a complete success

as the largest integrated smelting and petrochemical project in China, Dushan sub project includes 20 smelting and processing units and 12 petrochemical processing units. The annual oil production of the smelter will reach 10 million tons, and the annual ethylene production of the petrochemical processing plant will reach 1.2 million tons. Following the framework agreements signed by Emerson Process Control and Emerson Network energy in Dushanzi petrochemical, Xinjiang, Emerson CT will also take this opportunity to display industry-leading technical solutions and perfect services to help Chinese energy enterprises achieve efficient and environmentally friendly production and contribute to the sustainable development of economy and environment

at the seminar, the professional technicians of Emerson CT explained Emerson SP, SPM, EV2000 series frequency converters, PLC and other industrial control products, as well as how these products will improve production efficiency and ensure the smooth progress of production. Subsequently, the participants visited the samples on display and had a warm exchange with the staff on the content that the import and export volume of each paper type of interest did not exceed 20%. In view of the particularity of the industry, technicians made a special introduction to the technology and application of UPS products. The atmosphere of the whole seminar was lively. During the sample display and other links, the participants actively discussed and put forward some problems encountered in the use of frequency converters and PLC. Emerson CT technical experts at the meeting gave enthusiastic and satisfactory answers

this promotion meeting was jointly organized by Emerson CT and Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. and received strong support from agents. Through technical explanation, prototype display and case introduction, customers have an overall understanding and intuitive impression of Emerson CT industrial control products. I also have a certain understanding of the wide application of products. This promotion meeting made Emerson CT establish a preliminary influence in Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, and laid a good foundation for later promotion and project intervention. For more information, please visit www

about Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering to provide customers with innovative solutions in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, household appliances and tools. For further information, please visit www. (global), (China) and other stations

about Emerson Industrial automation

Emerson Industrial automation is a business brand owned by Emerson company, which provides technologically leading production solutions, including machinery, electricity and ultrasound, to provide the most advanced lightweight solutions for a variety of industries around the world. The new lightweight solutions in the current automotive industry must meet many requirements - they not only need to reduce the weight of final components Aluminum profile enterprises such as industrial automation Zhongwang, Fenglu, and kelante, which also provide opportunities for cost reduction of final components, began to sign up for the 2014 aluminum exhibition. This business brand has a wide range of products and systems used in production processes and equipment, including motion control systems, material connections, precision cleaning, material testing, hydraulic control valves, alternators, motors, mechanical power transmission drives and bearings. For more information, please visit www. or

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