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Emerson helped the refinery safely and successfully deliver major projects

Northwest redwater partners used Emerson's expertise in project implementation and automation to reduce project complexity and improve project consistency

Austin, Texas (October 22, 2018) Emerson completed a $73 million automation system and cloud Engineering service contract. The contract is to help northwest redwater partners design, implement and deliver the industry's first large sturgeon refinery project. The refinery is located in Alberta, Canada. It uses innovative technology to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel to meet local consumption needs, and exports to markets that need low sulfur fuels

by using the key technical solutions in the deterministic method of Emerson project, northwest redwater partners reduced the complexity of global automation engineering and improved the instrumentation and control solutions required for factory automation. Emerson successfully completed all tasks and ensured that the static load testing machine also includes: universal testing machine safety zero accident

the project team chose to use Emerson's automation technology and its expertise in petrochemical projects to manage the process control and safety system of the refinery, and help the refinery start up at the end of 2017 to safely produce diesel using synthetic crude oil. Sturgeon refinery adopts innovative one-step conversion process; After the full operation of the plant, the diluted asphalt raw materials can be directly converted into ultra-low sulfur diesel and the carbon dioxide emitted can be recovered

Jim Quinn, vice president of Northwest redwater partner engineering, said: given the uniqueness of the refinery, we must manage every aspect of the project in order to reduce complexity to a greater extent. Emerson, as the main automation contractor of the project, performs very well and will continue to provide excellent system and service support for Mr. you

as the main automation contractor responsible for the instrument and control system of the whole project, Emerson reduced the complexity of the project by providing comprehensive project management, and helped northwest redwater partners integrate multiple contractors. Using the cloud engineering of Emerson remote virtual office technology, the factory can quickly mobilize resources and realize collaborative engineering, ensuring that global experts can deliver automation solutions on time

Jim Nyquist, vice president of Emerson systems and solutions business group, said: Emerson has excellent project execution and automated delivery capabilities. This very unique project fully demonstrates our ability. By combining Emerson's cloud engineering technology with the project certainty approach, we helped northwest redwater partners bring innovation to the entire oil and gas industry

sturgeon refinery adopts Emerson's automation software and Technology (including DeltaV control and safety system and a need to remove MS asset management software through fine polishing), as well as Rosemount instruments and Fisher control valves. The project team also used DeltaV operator training solutions and practical training to ensure that its operators were well prepared for the development of plastic filled extruders after more than 100 years at the initial stage of plant commissioning and start-up

the refinery will process 79000 barrels of diluted asphalt every day. At the same time, it will recover about 1.2 million tons of carbon dioxide every year and use it as a valuable raw material to improve the recovery of light oil, which can be increased to as high as 1billion barrels, which could not be achieved before

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