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Emerson injects new impetus into the steel industry Emerson won the bid for the machine room of Taiyuan Iron and steel integration center

there is a popular saying in the industry: who wants polyester fiber to do a good job in the informatization of the steel industry, and it's nothing to do in other industries. This sentence reflects the difficulty of informatization in the iron and steel industry. Recently, Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. stood out among many bidding enterprises with leading technology, high-quality service and the comprehensive strength of strong brands. It won the bid for the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group integrated center machine room project at one stroke, involving a full range of products such as UPS, machine room dedicated precision air conditioning, battery storage, automatic transfer switch, low-voltage power distribution and precision power distribution system. Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group recently built a 1.5 million ton stainless steel production base. After the completion of the project, TISCO will form a production capacity of 3million tons of stainless steel per year. This also determines that it can become the world's largest stainless steel enterprise by adopting a single arm type. The bidding for information supporting equipment for the world's largest stainless steel enterprise has attracted the participation of many well-known manufacturers from around the world. Aiming at the practical application needs of the computer room of the integrated center of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, Emerson designed an integrated solution consisting of UPS, 882.6 computer room dedicated precision air conditioner, battery, low-voltage and precision power distribution system, automatic transfer switch, power equipment and environmental monitoring system. This scheme provides a high-quality continuous power guarantee with a stability of 99.99999% for the central machine room. At the same time, the convenient and safe maintenance and management of power guarantee equipment not only meets the application needs of the integrated central machine room, but also saves the later maintenance cost. With the concept of green energy conservation becoming more and more popular, more importantly, in the scheme, all product equipment are produced by Emerson, and the compatibility and stability of the equipment are guaranteed to the greatest extent. Thus, it stands out among many well-known manufacturers and is favored by Taiyuan Iron and steel group

the steel industry is the most complex and difficult to complete the informatization management of manufacturing industry. Providing a stable and safe high-performance application environment for information equipment is an important prerequisite for the real realization of information technology. Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. won the bid of Taiyuan Iron and steel integration center machine room project this time, and successfully applied its integration scheme to this future world's largest stainless steel enterprise. Users are not only interested in Emerson product quality, but also in its perfect technical services and all-round support based on the overall scheme

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