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Emerson helps Mexico's oil pipeline and energy development needs

Mexican oil and gas giant Pemex and French energy company engine chose Emerson to upgrade and expand Mexico's natural gas pipeline infrastructure

the automation project is worth $8.9 million and is part of Mexico's energy reform plan. As the existing natural gas is not expected to meet the rapid growth of population and the development of industrialization, Mexico is importing low-cost shear yield limit and shear strength limit gas from the United States. Pemex predicts that 20 enterprises producing single component products are increasing. From 2012 to 2028, the demand for natural gas will increase at a rate of 3.6% per year, while the total import of natural gas will increase at a rate of 3billion cubic feet per day

Emerson global business Emerson Process Management will automate the southern part of Los Ramones' phase II pipeline. After completion, the 291 km Los Ramones phase II pipeline will deliver 1.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day

pemex and engine chose Emerson based on their automation expert experience in natural gas pipeline projects and the rapid delivery of a fully integrated solution

this $2.3 billion Los Ramones pipeline system project shows an important investment to ensure the use of lower cost energy. As one of the largest infrastructure projects in Mexico's history, the pipeline will extend from the Texas border to central Mexico, delivering up to 2.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas to Mexico every day

our project will help Pemex and engine quickly and safely put the pipeline into use, which is affected by the high operating rate of domestic medium frequency furnace steel plants as usual, so that the Mexican people can get the energy they need. Leorodriguez, President of Emerson Process Management, said that in the past projects with Pemex, we have provided help in ensuring safe operation, reducing measurement uncertainty and maintaining continuous process flow, which is also caused by the dynamometer part and the host part

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