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Emerson introduces a new Ethernet link controller i/o module

[Guide: Emerson introduces a newly designed ovation Ethernet link controller i/o module. Providing local Ethernet functions in the i/o layer can help integrate a large amount of data from third-party devices and systems into ovation control system faster and more efficiently]

Pittsburgh (June 9, 2010) Emerson Process Control Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the newly designed ovation Ethernet link controller i/o module. This flexible redundant module can provide i/o level Ethernet access function, and is closely integrated with ovation expert control system. This means that power stations and water treatment plants that use ovation technology in their facilities can gain many advantages in integration, decision support and safety

the special processor of this module greatly expands the number and type of third-party devices and systems supported by ovation controller, and can better handle the increasingly complex data they provide. This module can share all the communication processing work previously undertaken by the controller, accelerate the speed of accessing data from these devices, and improve the efficiency of integrating information into ovation system

ovation Ethernet link controller i/o module enables power station operators to better grasp the situation of equipment, so as to make wise decisions and optimize the availability, efficiency and reliability of equipment. Steve Schilling, vice president of product development at Emerson utilities commented

according to Schilling, after installing the Ethernet link controller, the power plant can add new communication protocols at any time without upgrading the ovation system. When adding a new protocol, users can obtain communication software and protocol specific configuration tools, which can reside in the ovation standard engineering tool suite. With the help of the tools provided in this plug-in environment, customers can configure links more easily and quickly. Schilling said

a protocol can be easily deployed to different ovation platforms. Whether the Ethernet link controller i/o module itself or in ovation SCADA server, it can support a wide range of protocols and physical communication layers, including dial-up, leased line and wireless

with the help of this the first mock examination, see what experiments people have done with this big guy. Jinan experimental machine factory sincerely introduces the block to you. The data exchanged with other devices can be easily applied to ovation control scheme and displayed in graphical format. The local processing function and storage capacity of this module make it very suitable for protocol processing applications, such as access to turbine vibration system, boiler furnace safety monitoring system, SCADA system, PLC, electrical relay, process analysis instrument and many other systems supporting Ethernet communication

various application protocol packages can be loaded into the Ethernet link controller i/o module, enabling Emerson to expand its PlantWeb digital architecture and Ovation System beyond the scope of traditional power stations. One of the protocol packages is IEC 61850, which is a new international standard for substation automation (SA). Integrating data from electronic devices installed in generators, electrical switchgear, transmission lines, transformers and substations can help station operators make more informed decisions

this Ethernet link i/o controller module can also bring important advantages to users in terms of network security. NERC standards cip-002 to cip-009 provide a network security framework for identifying and protecting critical network assets, making the operation of large-scale power systems more reliable. In order to meet these standards, power producers need to define their safety boundaries

ovation controller communicates with Ethernet controller i/o module through ovation i/o bus, which is a non routable protocol. Therefore, the security boundary is delimited on the controller and will not be extended to the workstation or beyond this range, thus providing an additional information isolation and security measures for power generation enterprises

for power generation and water treatment institutions operating in today's challenging environment, these are the precautions for using the mortar tensile testing machine and the operating procedures of the equipment shared by our technicians. The expanded function of the Ethernet link controller module can bring real competitive advantages. Schilling concluded

ovation Ethernet link controller i/o module provides i/o level Ethernet access function, which is closely integrated with ovation expert control system. This means that power stations and water treatment plants that use ovation technology in their facilities can gain many advantages in integration, decision support and safety

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