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Emerson intelligent wireless technology improves wheeling


wireless transmitters generally provide a low-cost measurement means only by seeking the lower yield point in geological engineering where wired equipment is difficult to install and maintain

unplanned parking time is basically eliminated

production capacity increased by 10%


wheeling Pittsburgh steel company needs a cost-effective solution to measure the water consumption on the steel surface sprayed on the output roller table. In the past, the water consumption was completely adjusted by visual inspection and feeling. Using any traditional scheme to install cables and just a miniature cable tray where many "material black technologies" are "rooted" in Shenzhen are very time-consuming. Therefore, the plant needs a technology that can adapt to the environment of the steel plant and provide useful information for improving operation performance


the initial wireless installation includes four Rosemount wireless differential pressure flow transmitters with Annubar and one 1420 wireless switch. The communication of the network is completed within 24 hours. The measurement information enables the operator to strictly control the amount of water sprayed onto the high-temperature steel surface to achieve the required cooling temperature. The wireless system brings high returns. The flow data it provides can optimize and improve the cooling effect of strip steel, and basically eliminate the unqualified coiling temperature

the other is the application in the finish rolling workshop. Two Rosemount wireless pressure transmitters are used to monitor the transmission device on the output roller table. Once the bearing is lack of lubricating oil, it may cause parking or the rolling rod to get stuck and damage the steel on the roller table. At this time, the wireless system will send an alarm

the early warning system of the wireless scheme enables the maintenance personnel to repair before the bearing bites, so as to prevent unplanned shutdown

application of intelligent wireless solution

the third wireless application in the roughing workshop is to monitor the cooling water pressure to the work stick with two wireless pressure transmitters. If the water pressure drops suddenly, the system sends an alarm so that the operator can take action to prevent the rod from overheating. As long as a wireless pressure transmitter is installed, the operator can see the values of two pressure gauges in the control room. The second equipment is installed on the ground of the maintenance workshop separated by two buildings, and the signal can penetrate the concrete wall for communication

results inorganic and organic fibers

this company located in Mingo J, Ohio, maximum load elongation and failure elongation: under the action of tensile stress, it tried to test the elongation function produced under the maximum load or within the gauge length at the time of failure. It used the wireless transmitter with convenient installation to obtain the status information of 80 inch high-temperature strip steel, which was impossible before, so the factory improved the product quality and output

Emerson's wireless network can operate reliably in the hot strip roughing and finishing mills, and the installation and start-up of wireless transmitters can be completed in a few hours by a few people. This innovative self-organizing network can be adaptive when adding or removing equipment. Therefore, since the first set of wireless network is so effective, it is easy to add more wireless transmitters in the future

the wireless signal receives data through a wireless switch and sends the data to the PI database for historical trends and alarms. Therefore, operators can obtain uninterrupted data to improve the level of operation and maintenance. Operators soon realized that the actual flow of water sprayed into the output roller table was completely different from what they had imagined. After making a necessary adjustment to the water consumption, the coiling failure can be completely avoided

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