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Emerson expands its intelligent mechanical health monitoring product portfolio

the integration of piston rod monitoring and valve health diagnosis technology has improved Emerson's ability in the field of mechanical health

Knoxville, Tennessee - Emerson's intelligent mechanical health product portfolio is now able to provide integrated protection and predictive solutions for key reciprocating compressors, This product portfolio can predict common compressor problems in advance to prevent them from causing process disturbance, thus greatly reducing production losses and maintenance costs

reciprocating compressors usually require intensive maintenance in production facilities, and it is also very critical to the normal operation time of production. With Emerson's introduction of reciprocating asset integration technology, rotating and reciprocating machines can now be monitored through only one maintenance management system

Emerson's reciprocating compressor solution not only includes the protection functions specified in standards such as API 670 and API 618, but also adds powerful predictive monitoring to identify the most annoying problems for users, such as the failure of valves, pressurized filling, rack belts and rods. The Emerson CSI 6500 mechanical health monitor, which is compatible with peakvue technology, can judge the health status of the valve by monitoring the ultrasonic radiation (the user reports it as the primary maintenance problem). By briefly monitoring the position of the rod, it can confirm the abnormal or excessive change of the rod position, so as to avoid its impact on pressure filling, and can track the wear status of the rack belt by monitoring the position of the vertical rod. The advanced asset management function enables users to observe the position of the piston rod by demonstrating the dynamic movement of the piston rod through two-dimensional animation (which can be viewed, paused and replayed in real time)

Emerson's set is still an important strategic opportunity for development. The phased solution also provides the vibration shutdown protection of the compression frame specified in API 618 and the piston rod monitoring performance specified in API 670. AMS suite can provide higher performance and machine status information by monitoring parameters such as insulation efficiency, volume flow, rod tension and rod compression. The combination of shutdown protection and predictive diagnosis provides users with such information that users need to protect the health of their equipment while avoiding production downtime

with more than 25 years of experience in the field of mechanical health technology, we have tools and expertise to help users protect their key equipment and predict failures before causing major production problems in applications such as midstream LNG, exhaust gas, flare gas and dusty gas reciprocating compressor processes. Bjorn Salomon, general manager of Emerson's mechanical health management business, said: by using innovative technology, professional knowledge and service capabilities, our customers can obtain the necessary diagnostic information, so that operators and maintenance personnel can safely take early action to maintain the health of the equipment while ensuring API compliance

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Emerson Process Management () is a part of Emerson's business. It has always been in a leading position in helping chemical and stone industries to further Altair's finite element analysis capabilities in the fields of oil and natural gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, electric power, water and wastewater treatment, metallurgy and mining, food and beverage, life sciences and other industries to achieve production, process control and transmission and distribution automation. The company combines advanced products and technologies with the comparison method with industry characteristics, and uses more engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services. Its brands include PlantWeb, syncade, DeltaV, Fisher, micro motion, Rosemount, Daniel, ovation and AMS suite

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at present, the tensile testing machine often used in the market is equipped with a computer to control the whole operation process of the experiment and the storage and analysis of data

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