Trends of the hottest xylene in Asia

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Asian xylene dynamics

as of September 21, Asian solvent xylene closed flat in US dollars/ton FOB South Korea, and the price was mainly supported by the strong US MX price Due to the festivals in South Korea and Japan, few traders entered the market, and the market was very calm this week On Tuesday (20th), a 2000 ton solvent xylene was traded FOB South Korea at US $735/ton. The shipment was scheduled in early October, and the manufacturer vs. the trader Subsequently, the buyers' quotations for the goods in October were at this level, but the sellers in the market closed their plates and waited Chinese buyers continued to be cautious and refused to buy at a price higher than US $735/ton CFR East China

Asian isomer xylene closed higher than USD/ton CFR Taiwan. The price rise was driven by the strong US price of the round axis due to the shipping date in October.

buyers offered us $810/ton FOB South Korea and US $ton CFR Taiwan in October. Most sellers took a wait-and-see attitude, and the price of sales intention was US $850/ton FOB South Korea Subsequently, the market had sellers offer 850 US dollars/new Dow, led by fitlin, had three pillar sectors: packaging and special plastics, industrial intermediates and tons of construction and high-performance materials and coatings CFR Taiwan, but no buyers responded to this offer No deal was reached

press into the surface of the tested material under a constant load

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