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Emerson has expanded the series of large-diameter Coriolis flow meters

high accuracy elite large flow Coriolis flow meters with 16 inch (400mm) process connections can provide high-precision measurement in harsh application environments

Shanghai, China (February 23, 2012) - Emerson Process Management has launched a large-diameter Coriolis flow meter with 16 inch (400mm) process connections, The high precision elite high flow Coriolis instrument series has been expanded. This elite large flow Coriolis instrument meets the demand for high-precision large-diameter measuring instruments. For the applications that originally used mechanical/volume measuring devices, this product provides a high-end technology choice

Emerson elite high flow product series is the most comprehensive high flow Coriolis instrument in the industry today. Elite high flow Coriolis instruments have a variety of products, providing the most flexible choice for large pipeline applications, which can be installed and suitable for a variety of applications around the world. The introduction of 16 inch flowmeter expands the product series of high accuracy and large flow Coriolis flowmeter, which can be applied to many more demanding application environments, such as oil and gas pipelines, oil transportation and storage in refineries, special chemical products and ship fuel loading

Emerson's high-precision elite Coriolis products can flexibly measure many media. The flowmeter adopts a unique design that is especially suitable for complex application environments, ensuring consistent and reliable performance in the widest flow range. At the same time, it also has unparalleled measurement accuracy and stability. Optional instrument materials include super duplex stainless steel for corrosive and high chloride content/high pressure applications, and 316L stainless steel for high temperature and standard applications. In addition, elite large flow instrument is also a key component of the mid certified fuel loading system, which is the first global certified quality measurement system applied to the fuel loading of barges and ships

elite high flow Coriolis product series includes 10 kinds of sensors with diameters of inches (millimeters). Their maximum flow rate is 120000 pounds/minute (3266000 kg/h), and the density measurement accuracy can reach 0.0005. It is believed that the majority of users of experimental machines are also 1 gram/cubic centimeter. The design of the 16 inch New flowmeter is compact, and only a 52 Inch (1300 mm) gap needs to be left between the mounting flanges. According to the specific flow conditions and the properties of the measured medium, Elite big flow "the paint surface of this kind of material is like foam layer 1. Coriolis meters can be installed in any way. These products have a wide temperature range of -400 f to 392 f (-240 C to 200 c), and the measurement temperature of optional high-temperature instruments can reach 662 f (350 C). Due to the absence of movable parts, high-precision Coriolis meters are not easy to wear, the same as volumetric (PD) Or turbine flowmeter, there will be no measurement deviation related to mechanical components

for batch regulation, shipping and gas containing applications, high precision elite high flow instruments also have the ability to measure two-phase flow. The density measurement performance of the instrument ensures that it can detect subtle density changes in pipeline distribution applications

elite Coriolis product series has Emerson intelligent instrument self calibration function, which can verify the overall performance of the instrument (sensor, transmission and signal processing) without interrupting the production process and removing the instrument from the pipeline, thus further increasing the measurement reliability. The self calibration function of intelligent instrument can check the performance of the instrument according to the set progress, or the inspection can be completed within a few minutes with the click of a button, realizing a fast and simple guarantee of instrument performance

Emerson precision instruments are used in more than 750000 units worldwide, and their good performance has been proved in various applications, from process measurement to oil well production management, to pipeline distribution and storage areas. High precision mass flow measurement ensures that these devices are the ideal choice to complete the financial settlement and trade handover monitoring required by regulators

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Emerson Process Management () is part of Emerson's business. It has always been in a leading position in helping various industries achieve production, process control, storage and transportation automation and other fields, and widely serves chemical industry, oil and natural gas, oil refining, pulp and paper, electric power, water and wastewater treatment, metallurgy and mining, food and beverage, life science and other industries. The company combines advanced products and technologies with engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services with industry characteristics. Emerson's brands include PlantWeb, micro motion, Rosemount, Daniel, Fisher, DeltaV, ovation and AMS suite

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Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering. Through network energy, process management, industrial automation, and environmental optimization technology, the five businesses of commercial and residential solutions are global industry Commercial and consumer market customers provide innovative solutions for f= (m0+m1+m2+...) a................................. Formula (1). The company's sales in fiscal 2011 amounted to $24.2 billion. For further information, please visit www.e wood based panel, also known as wood testing machine

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