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Measures for safe production and civilized construction of high-rise residential buildings in the garden

1 objectives for safe production and civilized construction management

objectives for safe production and civilized construction of the project: to eliminate death, serious injury, fire and mechanical accidents, to control the frequency of young injuries within 1.5 per 1000, to eliminate collective food poisoning and infectious diseases, and to eliminate collective petitions and criminal cases, Ensure that the project is referred to as the provincial civilized construction site in Hebei Province

2 safety management

2.1 safety management policy: "safety first, prevention first" the sliding body and membrane shall be freely suspended

2.2 safety assurance system:

establish a safety construction leading group with the project manager as the team leader and the production manager, full-time safety officer and technical director as the deputy team leader and the full-time safety officers of each discipline as the team members to form a vertical and horizontal safety management system. As shown in the figure:

2.3 safety production system

the project manager is the first person responsible for the safety production of the whole project; The technical director of the project is responsible for the preparation and review of safety technical measures, scaffold erection and removal, installation and removal of large mechanical equipment, and seasonal safety construction measures for the whole project; The project manager is specifically responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of safety production. The foremen of each discipline of the project are the direct persons responsible for the safety production in their work areas (or service objects), and are directly responsible for the safety production in their work areas; The full-time safety officer is responsible for supervising, inspecting and urging the rectification of the safety production of the construction site and the construction teams of each discipline

safety management system diagram of the project department

2.4 safety management system:

1 Safety education system: all construction personnel entering the site must undergo safety training, three-level education of the company, the project and the post, and can take up their posts only after passing the examination

    2. Safety learning system: the project management department must organize management personnel to carry out safety learning in stages according to the characteristics of on-site safety management. Under the organization of full-time safety officers, each professional construction team insists on safety learning once a week. The construction team must carry out daily pre shift education according to the work content of the day, improve the safety awareness of safety officers through safety learning, and establish the idea of "safety first and prevention first"

    3. Safety technical disclosure system: according to the requirements of safety technical measures and the actual situation on site, the project management department must carry out safety written disclosure to the management personnel by stages, and each construction foreman and full-time safety officer must carry out safety written disclosure to each construction team regularly

    4. Safety inspection system: the project management department shall organize a major safety inspection every 10 days by the deputy project manager in charge of safety. Each professional foreman and full-time safety officer must inspect the safety protection in the area under their jurisdiction every day, urge each construction team to improve the safety protection and eliminate potential safety hazards. The person responsible for the safety hazards found shall rectify them regularly and organize re inspection

    5. Safety watch system: the project shall arrange a safety watch table, and one project management member must be on duty every day to handle the daily work of safety production

    6. Safety acceptance system for the installation of scaffolds and large and medium-sized mechanical equipment: after the installation of large and medium-sized mechanical equipment, it can be used only after it is accepted by the safety supervision department. After the erection of scaffolds, it can be used only after it is accepted by the company's safety equipment department. Any equipment that is not accepted shall not be put into use

    7. Work with certificate system: special operations must have an operation certificate. It is strictly prohibited to work without a certificate

    8. The social awareness of potential safety hazards shutdown needs to be improved urgently: the full-time safety officer has the right to stop illegal operations and commands when he finds them; If any potential safety hazard is found, it has the right to order immediate shutdown for rectification, report to the company at the same time, and take timely measures to eliminate the potential safety hazard

reward and punishment system for work safety: the project management department shall set up a safety reward fund to evaluate and compare the safety inspection results every 10 days, praise and reward the teams that comply with rules and regulations and have good safety work, and criticize, educate and punish the teams that operate against rules and have poor safety work

2.5 safety plan

2.5.1 formulate stage safety management plan

formulate safety management plans for each stage in the construction organization design according to the actual situation of the site, and formulate technical measures in advance to prevent potential safety accidents at each stage, such as falling object strike, electric shock injury, mechanical injury and fire. The safety management plan that must be formulated for the project is as follows:

1 Construction organization design of temporary power supply for construction

    2. Fire fighting plan for construction site

    3. Safety plan for installation and removal of tower crane and construction elevator

    4. Construction safety plan for infrastructure phase

    5. Construction safety plan for main structure stage

    6. Safety plan for scaffold erection and removal

    7. Safety plan for installation and decoration construction

    8. Work at height safety plan

    9. Safety plan for the use of other construction machines and tools

2) at the end of each month, make the radial force imbalance of the gear pump of the hydraulic universal testing machine worse, hold a ten day safety summary meeting, report the safety production status of this month, put forward the safety production control plan for the next month, and keep records

2.6 safety protection measures

the entire site of the project must be equipped with an effective safety protection warning system After mobilization, we will prepare the general plan of safety signs on the construction site according to the project characteristics, site environment and safety color signs. Guardrails, cover plates and other protective facilities and corresponding safety signs shall be set around the pits, wells, ditches, various holes, inflammable storage warehouses and power distribution rooms at the construction site. Conspicuous and easily identifiable safety signs must be set up in the safety protection sheds and safety passages. All safety signs must be set with red light warning at night. All protective facilities and warning signs shall not be moved or removed without the approval of the full-time safety officer

2.6.1 "three treasures and four openings" and edge protection

(1) all construction personnel must wear safety helmets when entering the construction site

(2) workers must wear safety belts when working at heights near edges

(3) the entire outer frame shall be closed with dense mesh safety. A safety level shall be set on the first floor and every two floors

(4) a double-layer protective shed must be set at the entrance and exit of personnel

(5) the elevator, scaffold, etc. and both sides of the building passage must be provided with protective railings, which shall be closed with safety stands from top to bottom

(6) the reserved openings on each floor shall be protected with different materials according to the specifications

2.6.2 scaffold protection

scaffolders must work with certificates. Scaffold erection must be subject to special construction scheme and safety technical disclosure. Scaffolders shall set up scaffolds in strict accordance with the requirements of the regulations under the guidance of professional foremen and full-time safety officers. Scaffolds shall be subject to written acceptance by sections and sections according to the construction progress. After acceptance, it will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry before they can be put into use

2.6.3 temporary power supply and construction machines and tools

(1) before using electric tools (electric hand drill, electric hand saw, circular saw), check whether the safety device is intact, whether it operates normally, whether there is leakage protection, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures

(2) the electric welding machine shall be equipped with a rain cover and a damp proof pad under it. The primary and secondary power connectors shall be equipped with protective devices. The secondary line shall use a terminal with a length of not more than 30m. The primary power supply shall use a rubber sheathed cable or a plastic hose with a length of not less than 3m. The welding wire must use a copper core rubber insulated conductor

(3) the distribution box and switch box shall be installed in dry, ventilated and normal temperature places, and shall not be installed in places vulnerable to impact of foreign solid objects, strong vibration, liquid immersion and heat source baking

(4) the switch box must implement the "one machine, one switch and one protection" system. The fuse shall not be replaced by other metals, and the number on the switch box shall be in the charge of a special person

(5) the derrick must be equipped with height limiter, anti falling device and emergency stop switch. The unloading platform and personnel access shall be equipped with protective doors. Before daily work, the derrick travel switch, limit switch, emergency stop switch, etc. must be checked without load, and can be used only after they are normal

(6) the dismantling and jacking of the tower crane shall be in the charge of professional personnel, who shall operate it, and it can only be used after special acceptance. The tower crane is forbidden to operate in strong wind above level 6, thunderstorm, heavy fog or exceeding the weight limit

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