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Safety precautions during installation of mast crane

1. the installation and disassembly of the crane shall be marked out a warning area, and the surrounding obstacles shall be removed. Under the unified command of a specially assigned person, the installation and disassembly shall be carried out in accordance with the factory instructions or the developed disassembly and assembly technical scheme

2. the foundation for installing the crane shall be flat and compacted. Two layers of sleepers shall be placed between the base and the ground, and the gap shall be wedged with wood blocks, so that all the forces borne by the crane can be evenly transmitted to the ground to prevent subsidence and deflection during hoisting

3. the specification and quantity of the cable wind rope, the pulling force of the ground anchor, the buried depth, etc. shall be calculated and determined according to the crane performance. In each sampling interval of mast, the included angle between the cable wind rope of mast crane and the ground is related to the stability of the crane. The included angle is small, the force on the cable wind rope is small, and the stability of the crane is good, but the length and floor area of the cable wind rope should be increased. Therefore, the included angle between the cable wind rope and the ground should be between 30 and 45. The high-precision refrigeration switch should be opened again between the cable and the mast and the ground at an interval of 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature). The anchor should be firmly connected

4. the cable wind rope shall be erected away from overhead wires. A wire guard made of insulating material shall be installed near the wire

5. when lifting heavy objects, the wire rope of the hook shall be vertical and the operation shall be stable. When the heavy objects just leave the bearing surface, check and confirm that there is no abnormality in each part before continuing to lift

static bending strength 6. the mast crane has simple structure and large lifting capacity. It is completely dependent on each cable wind rope to pull the main rod evenly to keep it vertical. As long as one ground anchor is slightly loose, the main rod can be tilted and a major accident can occur. Therefore, before lifting a full load of heavy objects, a special person shall be assigned to check the firmness of anchors. Each cable wind rope shall be uniformly stressed, and the main pole shall be kept upright

7. during operation, the slewing wire rope of the crane shall be in tension. The slewing device shall have a safety brake controller

8. when the lifting operation moves in a small range, the method of adjusting the cable length can be used to make the main rod move stably when it is upright. When the crane moves, its base shall be padded with sufficient load-bearing sleeper rows and rollers, and the jib shall be tightened in front of the moving direction. When moving, the main pole shall not tilt, and the tightness of the cable wind rope shall be consistent. If the distance is far, due to the limitation of the cable wind rope, it can only be removed and reinstalled after transportation

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